CBD For Social Anxiety

What is the Relationship between CBD Oil and Anxiety?

CBD Oil & Anxiety Cannabidiol is a type of compound that comes from cannabis plants.  CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) research is in its early stages still, but evidence is continuing to mount that indicates that some individuals can be provided with […]

CBD Beard Oil – Will It Help Grow Your Facial Hair?

Does CBD Oil Help Beard Growth? Beard oils have exploded in popularity in recent years as more men put down their razors and opt for a more masculine appearance. CBD oil has also grown massively in popularity across the world […]
CBD Myths: Fact Checked

CBD Myths: Explained

In the last decade, dozens of CBD blogs and manufacturers have appeared. Several of these have come out with some questionable claims about what CBD can do for you. We aim to explain or dispel some of the more outlandish […]
CBD Infused Coffee London

CBD Coffee: An Analysis

It’s a well-known fact that most people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. In fact, according to a survey done by USA Today, an approximate 83% of Americans drink coffee on a daily basis. So, there is a good chance […]
Who is Melissa Etheridge and Why is She Talking About CBD?

Who is Melissa Etheridge and Why is She Talking About CBD?

You might already be aware of Melissa Etheridge but if not here’s a quick rundown of her resume. She’s a Grammy award-winning, platinum-selling singer-songwriter, guitar player, and an activist in the LGBTQ community since coming out publicly in 1993. She […]