CBD For Pets

CBD For Pets?

CBD is becoming a popular treatment for people experiencing a host of issues, including anxiety and chronic pain. Turns out, CBD can be just as effective at treating similar conditions in dogs and other pets. What is CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol is a naturally […]
Why Seth Rogan is a CBD Advocate

Why Seth Rogan is a CBD Advocate

Seth Rogen & CBD Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogen has become closely linked with cannabis culture as a result of his outspoken and care-free attitude toward smoking it; in his personal life and in his films. However, what many […]
4 Ways of Dealing with Male Impotence

4 Ways of Dealing with Male Impotence

Male impotence can be one of the most difficult things for a man to face. Many people assume that it’s something that will only affect men over a certain age but that is just not true. Erectile dysfunction can come […]

Pride Month: Why the LGBTQ+ Community Are Big Fans of CBD

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community June is recognised as world pride month and pride marches are kicking off around the world this weekend. The colourful events, marches, and concerts are held in order to celebrate the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals and […]
Canadian House of Commons Vote to Legalize Weed

Canadian House of Commons Vote to Legalize Weed

A Landslide Vote Eyes from around the world are firmly focused on the ‘Great White North’ this week, following a bill passed on Monday to legalize recreational cannabis. The legislation passed Canada’s House of Commons by 205 votes to a […]
How CBD Can Help Your Hypertension

How CBD Can Help Your Hypertension 

Just as the name suggests, Hypertension is a stressful and high-pressure long-term cardiovascular condition. Whilst high blood pressure is often just temporary, hypertension occurs when it lasts for a sustained period of the time. The human body is unable to cope […]
The Best Fathers Day Gift : A Not Guilty Verdict?

Dropped Cannabis Possession Charges Could Be the Best Father’s Day Gift

After facing charges of cultivating and possessing cannabis, following a police raid on his home that yielded over one hundred cannabis plants, Stephen Taylor pleaded not guilty. The 64-year old, father-of-two says he was pleading guilty “on the grounds of […]
Get Your Dad a Vape, It's Better than a Mug

Get Your Dad a Vape, It’s Better than a Tie

With Father’s Day fast approaching (you remembered, right?) it’s possible that you’ve already bought your beloved Papa a fantastic gift. But if you’re one of those people who leave things like presents ‘til the last minute or just hopes that […]
Tried CBD Oil and It Didn’t Work? Find Out Why

Tried CBD Oil and It Didn’t Work? Find Out Why

So you’ve read all the hype, you’ve become fully convinced, or at least half-convinced, that CBD might do you some good. You do a little bit of research on the best CBD companies and their products, you order some, patiently […]
The YouTube Crackdown on CBD oil

The YouTube Crackdown on CBD Oil

YouTube has never been shy when it comes to cracking down on channels that went against its guidelines. Some of your favourite channels no doubt have been hit by censorship in the past. But lately, it seems as though YouTube […]