Moods and Bears CBD Honey – 500mg


– 340g of delicious honey per jar

– 1000mg full spectrum CBD within each honey jar

– Various flavours to choose from

– Contain 0% THC


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Moods and Bears 500mg CBD Natural Pure Honey 227g

Cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic compound, otherwise known as CBD.  It is found naturally in the hemp plant.
The CBD used for all our products is “Lab Tested” and proven to contains no THC, making it completely safe to use.

CBD may well have many benefits such as providing a sense of inner peace and wellness, this is supported by research and multiple independent studies.

  • 500mg CBD
  • 227g
  • It is perfect for teas, cooking, baking, or enjoy as a spoonful.


Use 1-2 teaspoons, twice a day for optimal benefits


Energy (CBD Organic Lime Honey):

  • Bees use the nectar from lime flowers to produce this pure and naturally flavoured honey.
  • Medical-grade CBD, along with the healing properties of lime flowers, means this product  is a perfect way to start your morning energized and keeping busy.

Sleep (CBD Organic Honeydew Honey):

  • Bees naturally create this wonderful and pure honeydew honey.
  • Medical-grade CBD, combined with the healing properties belonging to the honeydew, makes this product a perfect way to unwind at the end of the day and get some sleep.

Positivity (CBD Organic Acacia Honey):

  • Bees extract the nectar from acacia flowers to create this naturally tasty honey.
  • Medical-grade CBD, together with the healing properties of the acacia flower, producing a perfect honey for clearing out your mindset and staying in a positive mood.

Happiness (Orange Blossom Honey):

  • Bees extract nectar from orange blossom flowers in to create this natural honey.
  • Medical-grade CBD, alongside with the medicinal properties of orange blossoms, makes this product a tasty way to be happy and grateful with your meal.

Relaxation (CBD Lavender Honey):

  • Bees extract the pollen from lavender flowers to produce this aromatic honey.
  • Medical-grade CBD with the properties of the lavender flower , allows this product to produce a calming effect over you, helping relax body and mind.

Peace (CBD Eucalyptus Honey):

  • Bees extracting eucalyptus flower nectar, create this pure and natural honey.
  • Medical-grade CBD, with the healing power of eucalyptus, promotes a feeling of inner peace within you, a perfect way to end the day and relieve stress.


Honey (225.7g) CBD Oil (1.25g)

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Moods and Bears


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