Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray


  • 100% Organic European Hemp
  • Available in 150 mg 300 mg 500 mg CBD
  • 20 ml bottle
  • Vegan & Lactose Friendly
  • Cannabinoids CBDA, CBN, and CBG
  • Independently Lab Tested
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Dutch CBD Oil Spray is a high-quality oral spray from renowned UK manufacturer Love CBD.

This authentic CBD oil is formulated with cannabidiol from organic hemp sourced directly from Holland and is combined with nutritious olive oil thus creating a potent beneficial spray.

The full-spectrum oil contains CBD along with numerous other cannabinoids such as CBDA and terpenes which work together synergistically producing the entourage effect. This is where each of the compounds influences each other’s potency and efficacy.

The Dutch farmers who grew this hemp use only organic practices without the need for any harsh chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilisers. Just sunlight and water.

Enjoy all the benefits of CBD oil, one spray at a time.

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil Spray – Features


Each individual has a unique endocannabinoid system and as such everyone’s dosage will differ. Dosing with Dutch CBD spray is accurate and easy with each pump providing the same amount of CBD. If in doubt, start small and slow if unsure

Love CBD Dutch Oil Spray – Added Benefits

Retailers are currently restricted from highlighting the benefits of CBD oil and as such we strongly encourage all our readers to visit resources such as the US National Library of Medicine which contains over 2500 papers on the potential of CBD.

Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect is where the compounds (cannabinoids/terpenes etc) of the hemp plant have a synergistic effect on one another thereby boosting each others potency and efficacy.

Rich in Oleic Acid

Numerous studies suggest oleic acid (which makes up most of the olive oil) can reduce inflammation as well as help with other health matters.

Rich In Antioxidants

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants which is what the body needs to fight off foreign pathogens and remain in a state of homeostasis.

No Additives or Preservatives or Flavourings

CBD Love believes in keeping their products simple and honest. This is why their much-adored products do not contain anything other than CBD oil and olive oil.


The new spray bottle is simple to use and incredibly convenient. Just remove the lid and push down to spray one dosage at a time into your mouth for the ultimate convenience.

Rich In Cannabinoids

Dutch CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil meaning it not only contains CBD but also other powerful cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBN, and CBG.

Independent Lab Report

Rest assured that you are getting the highest quality, independently tested CBD oil from Love CBD. Lab results from Eurofins Labs are readily available showing total content and purity.


150mg, 300mg, 500mg


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