Little Rick 32mg CBD Sparkling Raspberry Coconut Drink 330ml

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Little Rick CBD Drink

– A guilty pleasure with no  guilt!
– Uses a specially designed cannabinoid mixture to provide a calming and relaxing experience which can be compared to alcohol, except most importantly, without any of the drawbacks:
● Absolutely zero hangover
● Little to no calories
● Halal (<0.03% alcohol)

Benefits to CBD Drinks

– The added cannabinoids provide a calming and relaxing experience, which can be compared to alcohol, and will help you chill out and to wind down

– Little Ricks CBD Drinks are designed to mimic the way we consume alcohol; One Little Rick would have the equivalent calming effect of one beverage
– Little Ricks CBD Drinks contain 0.0003% THC 
THC FREE (<0.2% THC & 1MG THC)

Little Rick Raspberry Coconut CBD Drink:

– These Little Rick drinks contain a full-spectrum of cannabinoids which help to amplify effects: 32mg CBD, 8mg CBG, 1.2mg CBC
– They are lightly carbonated &taste the best when served over ice
– These CBD drinks are Zero Calorie
– A sweet fruity CBD Drink hich is perfect on a summer day!

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Little Rick


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