Equilibrium CBD Raw Extract 500mg CBD Oil 10ml


Equilibrium CBD Raw Extract 500mg CBD Oil 10ml


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– 100% Full-Spectrum Hemp

– 500 mg of CBD

– 10 ml in every bottle

– Vegan Friendly

– 3rd Party Lab Tested

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Equilibrium CBD Raw Extract 500mg CBD Oil 10ml

Boost your bodies endocannabinoid system with this premium CBD oil which contains 500 mg of potent CBD together with other influential cannabinoids, terpenes and flavanoids.

Equilibrium CBD is made from the finest USDA approved organic hemp grown outdoors in sunny Colorado in the United States of America where it is extracted using the safe CO2 method.

This full-spectrum CBD oil contains numerous other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBC, CBG, all of which are known to work together in a synergistic fashion boosting each others potency.

Equilibrium CBD Raw Extract 500mg CBD Oil 10ml – Features

– 100% Full Spectrum Organic Hemp

– 500 mg CBD

– 10 ml bottle

– Natural Ingredients

– 100% Vegan

– Lab Tested


– CO2 Extracted

– No artificial flavours or colors

– Solvent Free


Full Spectrum Organic Hemp, MCT oil.

Added Benefits

CBD Benefits

Current guidelines restrict retailers from highlighting CBD benefits but this does not stop you from doing your own research. We highly recommend our readers to check out the US National Library of Medicine where you will find thousands of peer-reviewed papers on the potential benefits of CBD oil.

Full Spectrum

This CBD oil is full-spectrum meaning it contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that work together synergistically in an effect scientists have called “The Entourage Effect”. Simply put it has more ingredients which may offer greater benefits than oil with only one cannabinoid.

Organic Hemp

Equilibrium CBD oil is made from organically grown hemp grown in the sunny outdoors of Colorado. There was no pesticides, herbicides or any other nasty chemical used in the growing process which can be confirmed by its USDA organic status AND the 3rd party lab results.

2D Barcodes

Simply scan the code on this CBD product and be redirected straight to the lab page where you can view the 3rd party independent lab analysis.

3rd Party Certificate of Analysis

Equilibrium is a highly reputable English company that always test their organic hemp using a 3rd party independent lab. This ensures you are always getting the most powerful and potent CBD oil.

Full Range of Terpenes

This premium CBD oil contains a range of terpenes which give the plant its smell but have much more important functioning than just smell. They include beta-caryophyllene, alpha-bisabolol, terpineol, myrcene, and humulene.

Greater Bioavailability

Drops under the tongue result in a greater bioavailability which is the amount of CBD oil that enters the circulatory system. Tinctures offer one of the greatest bioavailability on the market.


Equilibrium CBD oil comes from the CBD-rich hemp plant which is a strain that contains less than the allowed 0.2% THC. This means there is a negligible amount of THC that will under NO circumstances produce any euphoric effect.

May Lower Cholesterol

MCT oil has been shown in some studies to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

May Improve Blood Sugars  

One small study found that MCT oil improved diabetes and insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes.

CO2 Extraction

Equilibrium uses the CO2 method when extracting their CBD oil. This is known as the safest method of extraction and unlike some other methods results in no residual solvents.

May Improve Brain and Memory Function

Some research suggests MCT oil may improve brain memory and function.

How to Use

Using the pipette included in the bottle, place drops under the tongue and hold there for 2-3 minutes prior to swallowing.


Every person will require a different amount of CBD to get the full effects as it has been shown to have an inverted bell shape dose-response. Best practise is always to start small and slow and move up gradually until you find the dosage that works best for you. Anecdotal evidence suggests even as low as 20 mg can produce a response.



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