CBD Eaze Full Spectrum 100mg CBD Bath Bombs Love



  • Form Bath Bomb
  • CBD Content 100mg
  • Size 360ml (6oz)

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CBD Eaze Full Spectrum 100mg CBD Bath Bombs – Love

Give yourself some much needed “me time’ and dissolve into a hot bath infused with CBD, essential oils, and salts. Watch your worries dissolve as you relax into the warmth of the aromatic fragrances that surround your entire body.

The Love CBD bath bomb has been infused with a unique blend of Cedarwood and Tangerine essential oils, salts, and 100 mg of pure organic CBD that will help you relax and unwind in a lovingly scented atmosphere of pure bliss.

CBD Eaze Full Spectrum 100mg CBD Bath Bombs Features

  • Organic Full Spectrum CBD oil

  • 100 mg CBD 

  • Essential oils Cedarwood and Tangerine 

  • Salts

  • Certificate of analysis


Citric acid, baking soda, corn starch, water, Cedarwood, Tangerine, CBD

Added Benefits:


CBD Benefits

Retailers are currently prohibited from speaking about CBD potential benefits and as such we encourage all our customers to do their own research. We recommend you visit the US National Library of Medicine here which cites over 2500 papers on the potential benefits of CBD oil.



Improved Sleep

Cedarwood may help you go to sleep faster as according to a Japanese study published in 2003, this essential oil has sedative effects.


Reduce Inflammation

Cedarwood oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help reduce inflammation and potentially the pain associated with same.


Healthy Skin 

Cedarwood oil has well known antimicrobial properties and can eliminate bacteria from the skin. This can be particularly beneficial for those suffering with skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne.


Improve Scalp 

Cedarwood may help with scalp conditions such as dandruff and sooth flaky itchy skin.


Support Immune System

Tangerine like all citrus essential oils contain antioxidants which can support a healthy immune system. This can be particularly important coming into the winter months.


Reduce Anxiety

The cedrol in Cedarwood has been shown to soothe and relax which may help decrease anxiety and help you be in the moment. 


Muscle Relaxant

Salts can help regulate muscle contractions, ease muscle cramps and help nerve function and blood volume.


Certificate of Analysis 

Each batch of CBD oil receives a certificate after which CBD Eaze go one step further and perform further in house testing to ensure only the highest quality products leave their ISO standard lab.


How To Use

Bath bombs are so simple a child could use them. But you give your kids enough so save this one for you. Simply drop your bath bomb into a nice warm bath and watch your troubles melt away.



As each bath bomb contains a very generous 100 mg of CBD, one bath bomb a day would be more than sufficient for you to gain the benefits of both CBD oil and all those essential oils.


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