Cali Greens Shortfill E-Liquid with Terpenes

Cali Greens Shortfill E-Liquid with Terpenes

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Cali Greens Shortfill E-Liquid with Terpenes


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  • Organic Hemp and Mango Extracted Terpenes
  • 50 ml bottle
  • 70VG 30PG Mix
  • Free of GMO
  • Lab Tested
  • All Food Grade Ingredients
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Terpenes Cali Greens 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid

Revel in the scents and aromas of Cali Greens shortfill terpene e-liquid. A perfect addition to any e-liquid or CBD oil to infuse it with the power of powerful natural fragrant terpenes.

There are more than 20,000 natural terpenes that can be found in plants, and hemp is no exception as at any one time there can be more than 200 terpenes present.

Terpenes give hemp and CBD oil its natural scent and aroma but scientists now know that it does a lot more than just make e-liquids smell nice.

CBD oil is made up of cannabinoids (of which CBD is one of 113), terpenes and flavanoids. Similar to a cake if you have varying levels of each ingredient you will have different effects and CBD oil is no different. This is why when you mix Cali Greens E-liquid with your own CBD e-liquid it will boost it.

Cali Greens Shortfill E-liquid is comprised of several terpenes most notably Beta-Caryophyllene, humulene and limonene.

Amnesia Mango gives you a unique experience with a strong hint of lemon followed by mouth-watering mango which is abundant in the terpene myrcene.

In Gelato Brownie Terpenes you are greeted with the marriage of a sweet and earthy taste of Gelato together with the opulent rich indulgence of fudge brownie.

Vaping is a fantastic way of getting CBD into your diet as it results in both a high bioavailability in the body as well as having the fastest onset of effects compared to any other method. In fact, most people feel the effects of vaping CBD oil within seconds!

Cali Greens terpenes are extracted from organically grown hemp resulting in the highest quality terpenes mixed together with FDA approved food ingredients VG and PG.

Quality and safety is always a top priority which is why Cali Greens are ISO 9002 accredited and only use organic Colorado hemp when they manufacturer their CBD products in their ISO 7 cleanrooms which are based in Preston in the UK.

Cali Greens is an award-winning CBD manufacturer and won the Best of Show award at the vapour expo awards ceremony in 2019.

Bring this beautiful blend of terpenes to your e-liquid and find out what everyone is talking about.

Terpenes Cali Greens 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid (70VG/30PG) Features

  • Organic Hemp and Mango Extracted Terpenes
  • 50 ml bottle
  • 70VG 30PG Mix
  • Beta-Caryophyllene Terpenes
  • Myrcene Terpenes
  • Humulene Terpene
  • Limonene Terpene
  • Free of GMO
  • Lab Tested
  • All Food Grade Ingredients


Hemp Terpenes, Mango Terpenes Propylene Glycol, and Vegetable Glycerin

Added Benefits:

  • Entourage Effect

The Entourage Effect is the accepted theory by scientists that describes how cannabinoids effects can be altered and even amplified by the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes. By adding terpenes to your CBD oil e-liquid you can boost its properties and effects.

  • Accurate Dosing

This bottle makes for easy accurate dosing. Simply squeeze as much as required into your vaporizer tank.

  • High Bioavailability

Vaping offers incredibly bioavailability which is the amount of a substance that enters the circulatory system. Vaping has been shown to be as high as 75% which is well above any other method bar the intravenous method.

  • Convenience & Discretion

This handy bottle can be used anywhere and everywhere. Simply remove the lid and fill up on your tank and vape. Discretion and convenience all in one.

  • 3rd Party Certificate of Analysis

Cali Greens always ensure that each batch of Colorado hemp is independently tested by a 3rd party lab so you are guaranteed the highest quality CBD oil every time.

Variety of Terpene Flavours:

Calli Greens famous Terpene e-liquid is available in 2 delicious flavours:

Gelato Brownie
In this terpenes e-liquid, we’ve married the sweet and earthy taste of gelato to the opulent rich indulgence of sticky fudge brownie.

Amnesia Mango
Unlike mango kush, this terpenes e-liquid by Cali Greens is a true Kesar mango flavour.

How to Use:

Start by placing a half-sized pipette into your vaporizer tank. This is an ideal starting point which can be increased until you find the amount that is right for you. Alternatively, you can place half or all the bottle into a large-sized tank depending on what strength is required.

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