She’s one of the world’s most recognisable faces, and Whoopi Goldberg has broken down barriers in her activism for racial equality and LGBTQ+ rights. She was only the second black woman ever to win an Academy Award and her outspoken and honest approach on chat show The View has made her an approachable and identifiable figure for all amongst the A-List. Whoopi has been in the headlines for launching her own medical marijuana company – and this mission has come as a result of her own personal positive experience using CBD oil. Many people still wonder what does CBD feel like? But as Whoopi herself has pointed out, it is non-psychoactive and has no ‘high’ associated with it.

Whoopi originally used CBD oil as a natural relief to ease her mind from the stresses, anxieties and ‘always-on’ mentality that is so common amongst those working in the public eye with hectic business schedules. She also found respite from her painful glaucoma symptoms and her monthly menstruation aches and pains in the use of a vape pen to inhale CBD oil.

The results and the relief that Whoopi experienced were so effective that she started researching into viable business options to help promote and offer such peace of mind and pain relief to other women of a similar age. She sought out experts, and set to work with Maya Elisabeth, an edibles expert who had run her own business, Om Edibles, since 2008. Maya’s passion, ethics and skills aligned with Whoopi’s mindset and they set about partnering to launch a joint company aimed specifically at middle-aged women struggling with period pain. The Whoopi & Maya line of products are specifically medical marijuana, and have been carefully crafted specifically for the alleviation of period cramps and associated pain.

Available in California and Colorado, the signature range includes a CBD edible, salves, balms, tinctures, rubs for topical application and a lavender-infused CBD bath soak. This allows women to enjoy the pain relief of CBD in a variety of methods, to ensure that they can find a product that works for them. As Whoopi herself says, “every woman’s periods are different, and the effects can vary from month-to-month. We want to give women an alternative to over-the-counter one-size-fits-all pain medication by offering something that is specifically designed to alleviate period pain”.

CBD oil is a fantastically efficient substance and a natural one at that, making it a much-revered ingredient in products for all of those suffering from pain and negative physical symptoms, mild to chronic. Whoopi’s range is, for now, only available in two states, but as societal attitudes and legislation changes, there is room for expansion and business development. If period pain, symptoms of the menopause, or perimenopausal discomfort, be it physical, mental or emotional, then investigating into Whoopi’s product offerings may be a route for you to go down. After all, Whoopi’s own CBD oil experience was that positive that she was inspired to launch a national business – who knows where yours may take you?

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