CBD Village Goes to the Hemp & CBD EXPO in Birmingham

Hemp & CBD EXPO 2019 UK

We Were There So You Don’t Have FOMO (fear of missing out)

The Hemp & CBD Expo Birmingham took place over the weekend and CBD Village UK was there. We visited the landmark UK event so we could keep you abreast of exciting new advancements in the CBD community.

We have a passion for CBD and feel sharing our knowledge will go along way towards debunking the myths surrounding CBD and creating a more enlightened CBD profile.

What’s Happening in the CBD UK industry? We Can Show You!

Who Was At This Years Hemp & CBD Expo in Birmingham?

Industry activists, reviewers, trade bodies, consumers were represented as well as a plethora of cool products and so much more.

We were particularly interested in the CBD Beauty Sector,  CBD Health & Wellness, CBD Recovery & Training. With the recent media attention CBD garnered from this years Oscars, we feel now is the perfect time for businesses to explore these particular markets.

Hemp & CBD Expo Birmingham

CBD & Recovery

Elixinol, a company that should be on your radar as it continues to earn its reputation as the world’s most trusted CBD brand with transparent and industry-leading extraction and testing processes. One product that really caught my eye was Elixinol CBD Oil Liposomes. Designed specifically to get organic hemp oil into your body faster than ever.

Liposomes are carriers of hemp oil – they ensure it can pass through bodily membranes with ease. Liposomal CBD can be mixed with water or taken directly under the tongue as a spray. This bioavailability property really sets it apart – the absorption proportions are 100% so will have an active effect. This went down a treat with the recovery niche market resonating with athletes and sports people alike. A powerful player in healing and recovery time. One to watch.

Hemp & CBD EXPO UK 2019

The Usual & The Not So Usual

There has been an explosion of curated CBD products available to the CBD consumer market in recent months. Stands at this years landmark Hemp & CBD Expo were awash with a range of interesting products.

Hemp & CBD enthusiasts could check out products such as massage oils, muscle rubs, oral CBD, CBD lip balms, vape paraphernalia and capsules.

If that wasn’t enough to get them hot under the collar, stands at this years expo also featured CBD Bath bombs, CBD beard oil, CBD hair oil, muscle gel, CBD vitamin supplements to name but a few.

Vendors were scrambling to work with chain stores, independent shops, wholesalers, spas and salons and worldwide distributors. Consumers were browsing and perusing stands interacting or sampling products. The NEC in Birmingham was a hive of activity.


CBD Wellness/Health

Gateshead company Wellacy impressed me with their odorless cannabidiol oral spray. Vegan, THC free, pesticide free and pleasant tasting, the oral spray ticks a lot of boxes.

How do they do that? I tried it and it was completely tasteless. One of the biggest complaints among CBD virgins is the earthy and natural taste – let’s just say it’s an acquired taste. Apparently, they use terpenes to match the profile taste and that counteracts the natural flavour. Try it out.

HEMP and CBD EXPO 2019

CBD is Buzzing

Virtue blend smooth clean CBD with honey and I’m intrigued. Sweet goodness in the form of honey sticks enhanced with a strong infusion of premium CBD – genius. This is great for anyone who wants incremental benefits of CBD. Great taste, safe strength. I drizzled it on my pancakes this morning and had a deli-sh CBD pancake. Spread it on your toast or stir into your morning cuppa. Like bees to honey event attendees were clambering to have a look – these sticks are such a good way to make CBD part of your life.

Most CBD products come in forms that are not sustainable and Virtue have come up trumps here with an eco-friendly sustainable product. Kudos to the Honey stick.


Mirror Mirror On The Wall – One Cream Does Not Fit All

There are heaps of beauty trends on the horizon and trends that are shaping the CBD beauty and wellness phenomenon. I didn’t feel this was well represented at Birmingham. Yes, there were creams but would you use a CBD cream for all over your body? On your face too? Specific creams tackle specific concerns and should be bespoke.

Where were the CBD infused eye creams, CBD serums, CBD night creams with hyaluronic acids? They missed the mark here to pursue consumer groups. The expo was a great opportunity to reach millenials, generation X and a mature demographic to grow a bigger consumer base to educate, convince and convert.

Hopefully next year we’ll see sophisticated brands like 707 Flora represented, perhaps VB Beauty will choose this prestigious event to launch her CBD beauty launch!

Hemp and CBD EXPO Birmingham

The Source Matters

A brand that only uses the purest CBD is Ambience. They use a scientific lab & service provider that specialises in CBD products, development and most importantly testing. Ambience carry out meticulous cannabinoid analysis. Everything is scrutinised with stability testing every 12 weeks and is CPNP registered and the sell by date is stamped on all of their products.

Ambience want CBD to become part of your life like taking a shower. Yes, that is their tagline! Not so much a wild wild west anymore in the CBD sphere. These improvements are in everyone’s interests. You can find Ambience products at most Holland & Barrett’s across the UK.

Hemp & CBD EXPO 2019 Birmingham

Premium vs Isolate & Does it Matter?

I attended talks on CBD Isolate vs Premium, got schooled on label accuracy and now for the Science bit.

CBD Isolate is what the name suggests – a finished product that’s CBD and nothing more. For the uninitiated, full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC but in very low concentrations. CBD is actually legal in many regions where cannabis itself is not, meaning that even CBD-rich strains containing small amounts of THC are still illegal. CBD is legal within the United Kingdom and is not considered a controlled substance

It was comforting to hear that most European CBD oils label their CBD content correctly. Demand for CBD has exponentially increased in recent years. The thirst for knowledge is high on everyone’s agenda. However, CBD still inhabits a grey area when it comes to legality, compliance, best practice and regulation.

We’ll keep you updated here at CBD Village on any future changes to legality and regulations.

Hemp and CBD EXPO Birmingham 2019

Did You Know?

Any cosmetic sold in the UK has to be safely assessed by a qualified person, have a stability test conducted on it and the technical file submitted to the EU? CBD intel from the source!

Reaching New Levels

It’s the year of the CBD breakthrough. The most novel product I saw was CBD mouth strips from CBD FX – dissolve in your mouth burst of CBD that promises to alleviate stress. CBD oil on acupuncture touch points. My absolute fav was the Massage Oil Candles from Taylor Mammon. A funky dual purpose candle slash oil. The oil candle can be used for direct topical application. Infused with CBD to form a candle which when melted produces a fantastic CBD rich massage oil willing you to put it on or to get someone else to!

Hemp & CBD EXPO 2019

CBD Revolution

This event was right at the forefront of the CBD revolution. Has the world shifted? Isn’t it so rewarding to deconstruct CBD? CBD Village was right there at the source.

CBD has firmly embedded itself into our lives. As CBD demographics widen and as more research is carried out; its properties discovered, regulations set and with guidelines in place – the demand for CBD products will only increase. I really felt like this is the start of something big that I want to be a part of – and I’m not just building the FOMO for next year!

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For more information on the Hemp & CBD EXPO you can visit their site by clicking here.

Hemp and CBD EXPO UK Birmingham 2019