Meet The Team

Emma Kane

Emma is passionate about writing, yoga and anything vegan. When she is not looking after her three kids Emma can be found researching the latest CBD discoveries.

James Beckett

James, or Jimmy to his friends, but never Jim is a CBD enthusiast and donut connoisseur. As soon as they start making CBD donuts he’ll be first in line.

Until then he likes practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and reads absolutely anything Image comics or Young Animal create.

Justice Bugatti

Justice is an amateur botanist and an avid long-board skateboarder. His passions include conservation activism, health supplements, and playing rhythm guitar for his ska band, Trouser Panic.

Sophia Tedesco

Sophia is a former natural remedy columnist and self-trained journalist. She is a vocal critic of the over-prescription of certain medications with harmful side effects and sees CBD as a healthy alternative. She is an avid birdwatcher and has a special interest in macaws.

Ted Stanton

Ted has a background in ecology and ethnobotany – the relationships between humans and plants.

Since CBD has begun making headlines, he has been using his skills to uncover new and historical uses for CBD.

Olivia Black

Olivia Black is a skincare enthusiast and sex educator in training. She is a vocal advocate for the research and legalization of CBD-based pharmaceuticals, and is passionate about holistic, sustainable beauty and healthcare.