Who’s The Female CBD Trailblazer That’s Caught Meghan Markle’s Eye?

Meghan Markle & CBD

Meghan’s Go-To Elixir Girl!

On International Women’s day we decided to reach out to Sasha Sabapathy, uber cool it-girl about London town and owner of Glow Bar – a wellness company for women.

Wellness Destination

Glow Bar which takes over two floors just off Regent St incorporates a spa, a cafe serving up, you guessed it, healthy options and a customisable elixir bar. There is also a boutique featuring natural beauty products that use CBD. Just who is this female trailblazer in CBD? And why is Meghan Markle fangirling over her?

Glow Bar London

Leaving The Rat Race Behind

Sasha Sabapathy was once a corporate diehard. She worked as a band planner in digital marketing in New York and was overworked, overstretched and over-burdened. I’m talking serious millennial fatigue! By her own admission over-partied too!

After struggling with really bad anxiety and depression she decided to take an alternative approach and tried a herb called ashwagandha. The Sasha of today is a holistic chef and apothecary. Her wellness empire is a millennial mecca.

Sasha Glow Bar

CBD Trailblazer & Tastemaker

After having success with ashwagandha and feeling a lot calmer she started concocting elixir blends in her kitchen. The Glow concept was born. The company makes “adaptogenic elixirs and healing herbs for modern babes.” Stress busters for 21st century boss ladies. Tonics but fancier.

Next she worked on a food model and cafe and launched a menu full of mood boosting, gut friendly as opposed to gut-wrenching fayre and skin-soothing ingredients. CBD is the hero ingredient in some of her menu options.

She explained to CBD Village:

“I think there is a lack of understanding about CBD in the UK and it is perceived as a substance you take to get high. The common misconception is that CBD is solely from cannabis, however, most CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and does not contain THC which is the chemical in cannabis which gets you high.”

We asked Sasha why she included CBD to her menu of wellness:

“At Glow Bar, we stock a range of products and beverages that contain CBD as we wanted to provide consumers with a non-alcoholic solution for overcoming social anxiety and raise awareness about hemp as a wellness supplement. We recently launched our CBD croissants supplied to us by an amazing team called Organic Livity who specialize in CBD supper clubs to offer our customers a fun and delicious way to experiment with CBD and experience it’s benefits.”

Sasha Sabapathy Glow Bar London

Why We Like Her

We are girl crushing on Sasha because she is big on women. “I’m all about girl power.” She created a brand that would resonate with her girlfriends.

They say when women support other women great things happen and in this case it’s true – as well as stocking her own herbal supplements, she has curated a selection of exquisite beauty and wellness products created by young female entrepreneurs that can be bought at her shop and online. Not to mention at 29 she is on course to make £1M – not bad for just opening its doors back in Aug! Sasha is making a difference. She is redefining CBD.

A 360 Degree Approach to Health

“The idea of opening a physical space for Glow bar came about after realising there weren’t many places in London that serves as an escape from modern living in the city.”

Glow is truly a one of a kind environment that encourages a 360 health and wellbeing in a cool, urban but calm space. It just works. Health & wellbeing meets nutrition and beauty.

Sasha saw a gap in the market where women could go and focus on self-care from the inside out and made it happen. Calorie burning, circulation boosting, CBD ingesting and socialising – it’s all happening at Glow.

A one stop wellbeing destination in the heart of the city. Whether you are in need of a libido boost or a mood enhancer this wellness space can make that happen. This holistic approach resonates with the instagram-friendly generation as much as it does stressed out London ladies who are into clean beauty and are CBD curious. Is CBD finally becoming mainstream?

Sweat, Sip, Shop, Stalk

Why not pick up a CBD-infused iced ‘Moon Milk’ made with turmeric and a vegan croissant containing a pistachio frangipane filling using 5 mg of the oil after your pamper session? Wash it down with a high vibe spike of CBD in your Cardamom latte.

Salivating yet? Your friends will be impressed. Intrigued just a little? It would be rude not to pick up some elixirs on the way out. Stalk the Glow online for some adventurous CBD recipes.

Partnering with naturopaths and doctor-approved recipes adaptogen knowledge is always shared. I for one am loving the Matcha-rose CBD chia pudding. I can sweat is off next week at Glow!

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Get Your Glow On?

At the spa there are infrared saunas that allow glow girls to sweat out toxins for 45 mins – converts have reported back an increased endorphin rush, better sleep and positively aiding skin conditions too. Who doesn’t want to get their glow on? It helps beat the bloat too and really helps water retention. I’m #sold and there’s not a prosecco in sight!

Is CBD The Modern Woman’s Secret Elixir?

Meghan Markle is a modern day gal about town. She might be a duchess now but Sasha counts Meghan Markle as one of her super fans! Don’t take our word for it the Mail online and Vogue has been documenting the connection since before the royal wedding and It’s 100% true. She is a big advocate of Glow Bars supplements – I can’t quite say which one – but I can say it is a superhero that is said to calm the mind and boost the immune system. My lips are sealed.

Meghan Markle and CBD

CBD In The City

Not a panacea for all ailments but a little pick me that quiets the mind, enriches the body and nurtures the soul. London is currently the mecca for CBD-infused food and drink and CBD is the ‘cool’ girls choice for surviving the city.

Sasha is celebrating International Women’s today by leading a masterclass designed to heal, nourish and awaken the body. Moon Milks and CBD-spiked treats will be supplied to every women that walks in the door to give good vibes while they become their own alchemists.

Sasha Sabapathy Glow Bar London UK

Well + Good – Why CBD Resonates With Women

Sasha created Glow out of a desire to share with other women stress management remedies. CBD is not intimidating because it is not psychoactive – you don’t get a ‘high’. Sasha saw how it seemed to give balance. Self love is good love.

From Pleasure To Pain

80% of women feel stress on a daily basis and Sasha pinpoints 3 major areas in a women’s life that causes stress & needs an injection of tlc – happiness, sex and skin. She is on a mission to change how women deal with stress and give them options in the form of elixirs, edibles and potions to readdress it – to truly glow from the inside out.


Chic and sophisticated this destination is a safe and not forgetting delicious way to experiment with CBD. Glow is fresh, modern, advocating clean self-care – the poster board for the holistic mindset in 2019. Sasha is shaking things up. CBD Village UK approve.

With wellness at its core this is an exciting revival of the spa concept and CBD is fitting right in bang smack in the centre of London’s wellness scene. Glow is giving Goop a run for its money. Happy International Women’s day. I’m off to get my moon milk and spiked CBD treats!