Since the 1990’s there has been a growing amount of research into CBD.

This accumulating amount of literature and research on CBD seems to suggest that CBD could ultimately prove extremely beneficial for our everyday lives. Here are five of possibly the most surprising ways CBD may be able to change how you live.

Stops Stress-Related Diseases

Of all the things that people complain one of the most common has to be stress. It seems that everyone is suffering from some form of stress in one form or another. Whether because of their jobs or situations in their own lives stress is the unseen epidemic. It’s possible that you underestimate the devastating effect stress can have on your well-being but unchecked it may cause a lot of long-term health problems such as migraines and body aches. CBD can help reduce your stress and bring about a calm relaxed state.

Keeps Bones Healthy

It’s an unfortunate fact of our bodies that it doesn’t take a whole lot to break or fracture a bone. While athletes can do it through intense physical activity, regular people can do it simply by missing our footing off the kerb. Add in potential diseases like osteoporosis and it makes sense to try and strengthen our bones while we can. Studies involving mice have shown that they can potentially halt or completely eradicate bone degeneration. If such medication were provided for humans the future would be very bright indeed.

Aids Digestion

In our bodies we have a network of cannabinoid receptors called the endocannabinoid system. When CBD is introduced into the body these receptors react in surprising and powerful ways. One of these receptors is called anandamide and it is responsible for digestion. Stimulation of this receptor using cannabinoids may be able to help those suffering from chronic stomach conditions.

Incredible Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Perhaps one of the most powerful effects of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. In the last number of years, it has even seeped into the world of professional sports. Many athletes are beginning to use CBD for the anti-inflammatory benefits it can provide for inflamed joints and muscles. But you don’t have to be putting your body under serious strain to benefit from CBD. Joint inflammation can occur for all sorts of reasons including diseases like arthritis. But CBD may also help with skin inflammation for conditions like rosacea and acne.

Slows the Aging Process

Perhaps one of the most surprising ways that CBD may be able to change how you live is it can help you with the ageing process. As we get older our brain functions tend to veer into bad territory but in the future, that may not always be the case. Recently scientists in Bonn and Jerusalem tested old mice with CBD and found that their cognitive function was greatly improved by just small doses. While this has not gone undergone clinical trials with humans it is looking quite hopeful for the future.

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