The UK’s Most Popular CBD Gummies

The UK's Most Popular CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are edible candies that contain the therapeutic compound CBD. CBD comes from the marijuana plant.

These gummies help in relieving pain, anxiety and
anger and have no psychoactive properties. This has made them extremely popular, especially in recent years.

This article is going to explore and rate the most popular CBD gummies. Let’s review some of the award-winning CBD Gummies on the UK market.

We looked at the best Gummies based our winners on a few factors.

  • Price and Value for Money
  • Quality of the CBD supplier based on the COA results
  • The taste and texture
  • The Brands we felt were in it for the consumer and not just for big pharma!

Canndid Candies CBD Gummies

  • Canndid CBD Gummies are vegan-friendly candies that take almost immediate effect after consumption. From fruit concentrate with natural flavours, the gummies taste
    fantastic with no bitter after taste.
  • These CBD Gummies are ready to eat fresh out of the jar. They can be enjoyed as a snack in between meals or earlier on in the day.
  • Each jar of Canndid CBD Gummies contains:
  • 150MG of CBD with 10 servings of 15MG gummies, or
  • 250MG of CBD with 10 servings of 25MG gummies
  •  Each jar includes a “child proof’ lid and ranges in price from £14.99 £19.99.

Each gummy takes approximately 5-10 mins to take effect and the effects usually last 2-4 hours depending on the person.

CBDFX Gummy Bears

  • CBDFX Gummy Bears allow customers to enjoy the benefits of quality CBD through their tasty berry flavour.
  •  Each jar of CBDFX Gummy Bears contains 60 guilt-free, vegan gummy bears made with 100% organic hemp.
  • There is 5MG of CBD in each candy. So you know exactly how much CBD you are consuming.

Each jar contains 60 gummies priced at £44.99.

Orange County CBD Gummy Bears

  • Orange County Gummy Bears are guilt-free candies that are 100% vegan with no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup.
  • Each gummy contains 25MG of CBD and 0% THC
  • Orange County CBD also sell a range of “gummy buttons’, “gummy rings’, “gummy worms’, containing 25-50MG of CBD

CBD Eaze Omega 3 CBD Gummies

  •  CBD Eaze Omega 3 CBD Gummies combine 10MG of CBD and Omega 3 to give customers all the benefits of CBD Oil with the essential fatty acids of Omega 3.
  • Each gummy is vegan friendly and has a delicious orange flavour.
  •  Containing 100% full spectrum organic hemp, these gummies are made with no artificial colours or preservatives, nuts, soy, eggs, dairy or gluten, making them suitable for halal, vegan, and kosher diets.
  • The dosage of these gummies is easily managed with many seeing great benefits from as little as 10 30 mg per day, equating to 1 -3 gummies per day.