Top Pro Golfers Are Jumping On The CBD Bandwagon

Tiger Woods Uses CBD

Phil Mickelson – What’s His Game? Other Than The Game Of Golf, Of Course

Sport, it’s nerve wracking to watch and even more so if you’re actually playing the game. We presume, we’ve never played sports before. But at the highest levels of sporting professionalism you have to imagine that the pressure is next-to unbearable. How could it not be? You have the eyes of the world upon you, your family, your friends, your coaches, everyone.

So what’s wrong with someone like Phil Mickelson, one the most winningest winners to ever step onto a golf course, taking the edge off with a little CBD?

Nothing at all. Or so you’d think. If he was seen the previous night having a few whiskies to settle his nerves before bed time that would have one thing but what actually took place was enough to have the media scrambling for their finest pearls to grasp.

Phil Mickelson Uses CBD Oil

What’s In The Pipette, Phil?

On Friday 12th April, during the Masters, Mickelson was seen taking a small pipette from his golf bag and squirting a few drops into his mouth. He threw some furtive glances around before and during this elaborate panto act, we’re not sure why though as presumably he was aware that there were cameras everywhere.

The incident, though seemingly minor, caused a flurry of press coverage. What was he doing? What was in the pipette? Does he not remember that he’s on television? Phil Mickelson has himself not commented on whether or not he actually takes CBD, as there is still some grey area about if it should be allowed or not.

The Eye Of The Tiger

Phil Mickelson was not the only one who’s been associated with CBD on the golf circuit lately either. Tiger Woods had one of the greatest comebacks of all time when he won the Masters, ending more than a decade of defeat and setback. People said it was impossible and that the idea of him winning was delusional.

And yet… They were wrong.

So what did he do different? Well, keen golf observers noticed that the golf champion was forever chewing gum while on the course. And you know who else was chewing gum? Phil Mickelson.

But it has been suspected that it’s not just regular bubblegum for these men, they’re actually chewing a brand of CBD chewing gum. CBD, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is not a performance enhancing drug and was therefore not on the list of banned substances by the PGA.

Tiger Woods Using CBD Gum

However, in early April, the PGA sent out a newsletter telling players that they should not take CBD products as they may contain trace amounts of THC which is on the list of controlled substances for the PGA. But there are probably more contentious reasons than that.

If It’s Good Enough For Bubba

And it’s not just these two either, who love CBD. Two time Masters champion, Bubba Watson, the man Tiger Woods routinely blocks on his phone, recently signed an endorsement and marketing deal with cbdMD. The company, which is making history as the first CBD company to list on the U.S. stock exchange boasts a wide range of CBD of CBD gummies and CBD bath bombs for consumers with a variety of aches and pains. Or golf pros who need to take the edge off.

Bubba Watson fits neatly into that last category, as he likes to use CBD after a tough day on the course. He finds it reduces inflammation, and helps him get better sleep so he can be wide awake to text Tiger Woods about bottles of water he’s seen or other random things.

Bubba Watson Uses CBD Oil


For those wondering what makes this such a contentious issue, CBD has been widely claimed to be positive for its relaxing, sedative qualities, perfect for athletes under immense pressure, however more research is required to back up these claims. It has also long been believed that CBD has anti-inflammation properties and can offer pain relief, however like previously stated, more detailed research is needed before these claims can be promoted. For older players like Woods and Mickelson, these supposed benefits are more than ideal for their respective long games. So the question stands, could CBD qualify as a PED?

While no one has confirmed whether or not it is or was CBD they’re chewing the signs look likely. And hey, if you’re not a high level professional athlete maybe you should consider giving it a try next time you’re on the links. It might change your whole game forever.