How Footballers Can Use CBD

How Footballers Can Use CBD

There’s a big global football tournament happening this summer, it’s the Olympics of soccer. We, however, are not allowed to directly reference it due to the fact that it is a copyrighted term. This unnameable football event is pretty much the biggest deal in the sport. Naturally, this means that the footballers will want to be in the best possible physical condition they can be.

How can they manage this? Playing game after game is demanding on their frail human forms, so how can they make sure they recover between games? Well, I may be a deskbound content writer, but thanks to the magic of the Dunning Kruger effect, I think I can give them a pointer or two.

CTE, CBD & The NFL  


CBD is becoming the supplement of choice for athletes who want to cut down their recovery time in-between training sessions. Over the last few years, it has gone from an obscure fringe product to a cult supplement with an avid fanbase.

This is down to the unique properties of CBD that help make recovery times shorter. Recovery times are essential when it comes to preventing injury. As you exert your body the fibers in your muscles break down. If you persist for too long or don’t take enough time to recover this damage could eventually lead to a nasty injury that will put you out of action for weeks or even months.

Hemp Foods Boosting Your Athletic Performance 


The Sportspocalypse isn’t just the biggest event in the world of soccer, it’s a massive cultural event all by itself. This can leave some of the athletes in attendance feeling somewhat under pressure. This amount of stress can manifest in a whole range of ways, form fumbling errors to full-fledged emotional breakdowns and a regression back to the red-faced howling of our infant years.

CBD to the rescue. Cannabidiol has been found to have a certain level of calming effects on users, reducing anxiety and promoting calmness and wellbeing.

There’s a Catch

Despite all the potential uses CBD could have for the footballers at the trademarked event we can’t name, it is unlikely that they will be availing of it. FIFA lists cannabis as one of its forbidden substances, meaning that any players that test positive for CBD could find themselves sidelined, despite the fact that CBD is non-psychoactive.

Attitudes are changing, however. Who knows? Maybe at the next Soccer-End-of-Season-Finale CBD will be fully legal?

If you couldn’t figure out what event I’m talking about, it rhymes with murld mup.