Meghan Markle’s Family Venture Into CBD Industry

Meghan Markle's family enter CBD Industry

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CBD Oil Is Getting The Royal Treatment (Kinda)

Family Feuds

Since becoming a member of the Royal Family, Megan Markle has not had the easiest journey. Whether it be not following Royal Family tradition, keeping under wraps about her pregnancy, or even her very public and personal family feuds. The new mum has again made it into the headlines this week due to her somewhat estranged family. As it is revealed that her 26 year old nephew Tyler Dooley is launching a CBD product line in the UK.

The cannabis derived products will be part of a £20m drug operation under the name of the ‘Royally Grown’ brand. Its main venture will be CBD oil, which Dooley has stated will help alleviate medical conditions and improve people’s health.

‘Royally Grown’

Tyler, whose dad Thomas Jr is Meghan’s half-brother says that his multi-million dollar commercial drug operation will be going global and will most definitely making it’s way over to the UK. The Oregon based businessman however insists that the last thing he wants to do is embarrass his celeb-turned-royal aunt

Royally Grown CBD Oil in the UK

Although, last year he did hit headlines to announce he would be growing an ultra-strong cannabis strain named “Markle Sparkle”, in which he boasted would “blow your crown off”.

He says: “I’ve been doing this way before she even met Harry, I’m not trying to embarrass her and I’m not embarrassed about what I do, I’m thrilled to be in such a hot industry”.

“So instead of people thinking of me about Markle Sparkle, I’m using a product that is helping to beat cancer, or give some relief from seizures, aches and pains. I’ve got oil that is good for indigestion. CBD is twice as effective as aspirin for inflammation”.

Superior CBD

Speaking from his home in Medford, Oregon, Tyler said: “The CBD industry is absolutely booming, it’s the hottest commodity in the world”.

The nephew to Megan Markle also adds that his line of CBD products be superior to all others on the market. With a higher potency than anywhere else in the world, because of Oregon’s perfect climate.

“In terms of products, we’re going to have around £20million worth out there, which you’ll be able to buy in the UK and around the world. These products we’ve been developing over years. We’ll be doing everything in-house from taking it from the field and giving it direct to the consumer”,says Tyler.



The ‘safe, clean, and good quality’ CBD sold by Royal Seeds is going to come in the form of drops, oils, morning supplements, and recovery tinctures. Which will be loaded with vitamins and a good CBD content. A team of investors have reportedly pumped millions into making the US based company a commercial success. The operation is apparently worth three to five million dollars.

Tyler insist that he isn’t just trying to cash out on the rapidly growing trend of CBD, but that he also wants to change the stigma surrounding the cannabis derived substance.

“The relief people get from it – I see it every day. That’s a big thing for me, I want a product that will help other people”.

Meghan Markle’s CBD Connection

The news that the Duchess of Sussex’s nephew has ventured into the CBD oil industry is not Meghan’s only connection with cannabis oil. It’s been reported that Meghan is a fan of CBD and CBD-infused products, regularly visiting the super trendy Glow Bar London when she gets a spare moment.

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