Although more research needs to be done, more and more people are using CBD oil as a natural remedy for a variety of health concerns. Acquiring CBD oil is extremely difficult and puts the buyer into extreme confusion due to the large difference in prices. Some brands of CBD oil or CBD oil products are very cheap as compared to the rest. Some cost as much as gold does! So, what causes this disparity and why is it this way?

We will answer your questions in this article.

What Adds to the Cost of CBD Oil?

Certain factors and processes add to the cost of CBD oil. We need to understand what these are and how they contribute to the final product.

The first and foremost is the cost of growing the raw material, that is hemp or cannabis plant. The plant requires farming that has its own costs but what adds to the basic cost is the fact that it is illegal in most countries of the world. So, it must be imported from countries where it is legally grown. The import costs a lot because it must go through the government’s approval along with transportation costs.

Furthermore, the cost of extracting CBD oil from hemp or cannabis plant is also added to the manufacturing cost. The processing requires labour, equipment and complex processes. The next step of the process is to purify the CBD oil. Purifying is very important as the hemp plant can absorb toxins from the soil very easily. The price of this purifying and then testing increases the cost of the CBD oil.

CBD oil is rare, and the legality is still a grey area in most countries, so the cost increases due to scarcity.

Why Does the Disparity Exist?

Cheap CBD oils may not be very safe. They do not go through proper purifying and safety procedures to save on the manufacturing costs. Moreover, these may also be oils that have substandard raw material used in them, and some have been found to have no CBD in them at all!

Expensive CBD oils go through proper processing and manufacturing. They are sold using proper channels and are generally backed up by legal agreements. They are better for medicinal purposes as it is guaranteed that no impurities can react with your body and they also contain the lowest THC compounds.

What Can the Buyer Do?

You should buy CBD oil after very careful research and should stay away from the cheapest ones as they are of low quality and safety is not guaranteed. You should be careful while buying CBD oil and should always buy it through legal channels and brands that are transparent and publish their safety test results and legal agreements. Paying a bit more is better than the trouble you will experience when you use low-quality CBD oil to treat your illness.

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  1. I’m having a hard time knowing how to tell witch one is the one that’s good for me to take I have brain damage and my right lung is not that good and i have something wrong with my heart or maybe it’s anxiety and panic attacks I don’t know for sure all I know is that I’m stressed out all the time feeling like I’m dieing and I finally bought some CBD oil from this place in Roseburg oregon and she made her self and I took some of it and I think it was just coconut oil cus it was completely clear and very liquidity and felt like coconut oil. And it I felt hurt me more than I was before I didn’t like the way I felt anyway if you can help me to know what to look for when I buy some that would be much appreciated like what color how thick how strong please and thank you God bless you all for your awsome work.

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