Giving CBD to Farm Animals to Improve their Taste? 

CBD for cows

Look away, vegans! The use of CBD oil among humans is blossoming in popularity as attitudes and education grows. However, the usage of CBD oil on animals is still a developing area, and one where thorough clinical studies have yet to be carried out. As farming practices modernize and innovate to find cheaper, faster and more productive ways to create high-quality and low-cost meat, more people are asking whether the use of CBD oil and other chemicals and supplements can change the taste of meat when used in farm animals.

CBD Animal Doses

The dosage of CBD oils for various ailments in animals differs hugely from that of humans, because of the size and different biology of them; so if you are considering using CBD oil, hemp oil, or other such related products on your animals, it is vital to seek professional veterinary advice. However, animals would have to be taking in a gigantic amount of CBD for it to soak and infuse into the parts of their body that are eaten – particularly as these are normally their biggest bits, bred for size, and aren’t areas of the body typically treated with CBD!

That said, there’s a great amount of evidence to suggest that active, free-ranging and happy, healthy animals taste considerably better than those that live limited lives and are unable to roam free or who suffer from diseases, infections and health conditions (and in many cases, these aren’t able to be eaten anyhow). This means that, in theory, the use of CBD oil to promote a better quality of life for them before they are slaughtered for their meat could benefit the taste of that meat.

CBD and Digestion

For animals on high-grain diets, CBD can help encourage easier digestion due to its naturally-occurring Omega fatty acids and vitamins. This will make those struggling with digestion feel much more comfortable. Animals who have problems with their coat, skin, tail or hooves may also benefit from CBD oil intake as it increases vitamin ratios within the body and promotes healthier and glossier fur and hair.
If you are trying to keep farm animals active but are finding that they fatigue easily and are unable to reach an exercise level that you’d like, it could be that CBD oil could help boost their energy levels. This is normally as a result of muscle glycogen depletion, which can be slowed by CBD. If the animal is in pain, it’s unlikely that you’ll be farming them for meat, but the pain-relieving properties of CBD oil that so many humans enjoy also apply to animals, so you can ease their suffering and keep them happier with its use.


Whilst CBD oil has no direct impact on the taste of an animal’s meat, keeping them happy, healthy and full of life will benefit them overall and should be your main aim for the flock. Speak with your veterinary consultant today to see if CBD oil could work for your farm animals!

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