Vaping, pills, balms, tinctures, and now… Beer? Yup, just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of CBD, there comes along a product to blow our minds all over again. CBD beer is a sensation in the world of CBD ready to quench your thirst and maybe improve your health a little.

What is CBD Beer?

Benefits of CBD Beer Infographic

At first, beer and CBD seem vastly different. Or do they? It may have escaped your notice like it did mine until I consulted Ted Stanton, resident ethnobotanical expert here at CBD Village, but cannabis and the hops that create beer are two genera in the same family.

‘I’m sorry, what?’ I hear you mutter. Yes, that’s right they’re both members of the Cannabaceae family. So, the idea of cannabinoids in your beer isn’t as far-flung a concept as you might have thought at first.

High AND Drunk? That Sounds Dangerous

No, no, no, CBD Beer will not get you high in the least. CBD beer does not contain any THC which is the psychoactive chemical that causes euphoric ‘high’ feelings to occur. There are THC-infused beers on the market though so be careful. When considering any sort of cannabis-enhanced alcohol make sure that it’s one that only contains CBD if you want to gain real health benefits.

Because of the legal status of CBD in many places, it is perfectly legal for breweries to brew this kind of beer. That said there have been moves to make CBD a Schedule 1 substance in the United States. This is, firstly, utterly ridiculous since it has no intoxicating properties and, secondly, it’s annoying for those brewers trying to create this fantastic drink.

CBD and Beer – Better Together

But apart from just being a fun thing to consume, there might actually be some wonderful offshoots of mixing these two things together. When it comes to the benefits of CBD, in general, there have been not as many studies done as we would like. This is because there are still a lot of restrictions on CBD and its legality, though this is changing.

But the studies that have been done are more than hope-inducing. One such study concerned the protection offered by CBD to those affected by heavy alcohol consumption.

In the study, researchers induced steatosis in a group of mice. This is a liver disease that is commonly brought about by prolonged alcohol consumption. By using CBD, however, the researchers showed that this could be prevented. Or at least tackled in a positive way. CBD could promote a healthier breakdown of fats in the mice despite their induced condition.

In another study, it was found that the combination of alcohol and CBD resulted in significantly lower blood alcohol levels when compared to those who just drank regular alcohol. And in another study researchers suggested that CBD may have positive effects for those with chronic addictions. Because of its ability to regulate neural circuits, it might actually help curtail addictions. They wrote that it may have “therapeutic properties on opioid, cocaine, and psychostimulant addiction.”

Pretty fantastic, right?

More Like Fantastical, James!

Well, as someone famous once said, a crazy idea only sounds crazy up until the point that it works. Least I think someone famous said that. So, if any of these positives for CBD turn out to be true then it won’t sound crazy after all.

What we do know is that CBD has been having a moment for the last few years and that something as simple as CBD beer might represent a beacon for where it can go. In the meantime, there are worse things you could do for yourself than trying a pint of delicious CBD beer.

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