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The Rise Of CBD Sports Supplements In The UK

CBD products are fast becoming sought after by athletes across the UK as it soars in popularity. CBD for athletes is in itself becoming a target demographic for CBD companies in the UK as they realise the potential the CBD sports supplement market has to offer.

Sports nutrition supplements is an area that continues to grow in popularity with new protein shakes and dietary supplements popping up almost every week. The industry was once primarily dominated by products aimed solely at body-builders and regular gym-goers, however, over time this has changed.

The increase in information about the benefits of sports supplements has resulted in all types of athletes using them. From your ‘Average Joe’ gym-goer to your professional sports athlete, sports supplements are big business. Step forward CBD sports supplements.

The cannabis-derived chemical compound is all the rage among athletes. This a growing niche demographic that is gaining momentum and serious sports stars believe it can enhance exercise and athletic performance.

Prominent sports stars have started to endorse CBD in recent months with some even going a step further. Friends of CBD Village UK and professional rugby players Geoge Kruis and Dom Day found CBD so beneficial in maintaining balance during the ups and downs of professional sport that they founded their very own CBD company, Fourfive CBD.

Who Are Fourfive CBD?

The two rugby starlets have a combined experience of over 20 years in professional sport. Both Dom and George play club rugby for English Premiership club Saracens. Dom has represented Wales at international level, playing in 2015 Rugby World Cup. George is a seasoned England international and also a British & Irish Lion. It’s safe to assume these two guys know a thing or two about the trials and tribulations of being a professional sports star.

Both guys have played and trained through grueling pain and injury more than they would have liked. In fact it was only when they were both injured that they heard about CBD oil. Searching for the best rehab techniques George came across an article about CBD and recovery. It happened to coincide with CBD being taken off the WADA banned substance list so was safe for him to take whilst still playing rugby.

They had such a positive experience with CBD oil and CBD sports cream that it convinced them to incorporate CBD into their daily routine and in their rugby careers. George and Dom credit CBD with helping them to maintain an active lifestyle. After their positive experience with CBD, the seeds were sown and fourfive CBD soon became a reality.

Fourfive CBD Interview

We were lucky enough to interview the founders of fourfive CBD this week and find out what drives them and what makes them tick. Since the opening of fourfive CBD, the boys have seen great success and high demand for their product range. Fourfive CBD have vowed to source and produce the safest product and ingredients on the market. When asked why the put such an emphasis on where they source their ingredients they told CBD Village:

“But we also want to prove that our products are safe and effective through third party testing. We think it’s key that we set our own standards when it comes to safety.”

Fourfive CBD produce CBD oils, CBD balms, CBD capsules and CBD spray – all designed to support and maintain an active lifestyle. We asked George and Dom what they are primarily using CBD oil for currently and are they as convinced of the supposed benefits of CBD now they’ve done extensive research on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

“Yes we still use CBD to help us with the rigours of playing contact sport. Also we find it helps with sleep which is key to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.”

“We love how fast moving the industry is at the moment. Anecdotal evidence is one thing, but to see studies being published is really exciting and shows that CBD is here long term.”

Growing Demand For CBD Sports Supplements

The growing understanding about the link between exercising and leading an active life coupled with maintaining a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, is driving the demand for sports supplements.

Full contact sports usually equals over-stressing joints, doing abrupt defensive moves, and in rugby sustaining repeated blows to the body and head. The body endures a lot.

CBD offered the boys a non-toxic, non-addictive solution to which they believe helped them in their recovery from injury. With 3 in 10 Brits regularly taking sports supplements, it’s imperative if you choose to use CBD sports supplements you do so safely. A simple way to ensure a CBD product is from a reputable source is to read CBD reviews.

For the sporty among us and aspiring athletes fourfive CBD have an instant edge over their competitors as their sport backgrounds inspire confidence in their product. The founders of the company have lived through the rigours of professional sport and are the best  possible brand ambassadors for their product. However, these lads don’t want the public to think they are a flash in the pan:

“It took a lot of research and work to get where are now and we plan to continue to work hard to further our product line and keep at the forefront of the market.”

“We knew that putting our names to a product like CBD would turn some heads. But we don’t want people to think that we are trying to get through on our names and being professional sportsmen alone.”

Fourfive CBD Products

They have devised formulations to suit the novice to the seasoned CBD user with low, medium to higher strengths available so you can easily navigate the range.

Quick-absorbing CBD oils made with 100% natural ingredients are for those who want faster impact with immediate absorption.

The process of CO2 extraction means the highest available nutritional value is packed into every drop of fourfive CBD oil. Each 30ml bottle contains around 120 drops and they are one of the first CBD companies to offer both a pipette and a handy spray applicator.

Because your skin is the largest working organ, they’ve created a soothing, safe and protective application for it. Hemp extract has been shown to help a wide range of health conditions including all types of dermatological, muscle and anti-inflammatory issues. Made with organic ingredients, the hand-blended and hard-working fourfive CBD balm contains active agents that are kind to all skin types.

Fourfive CBD capsules contain high-quality, full-spectrum and co2 extracted hemp. They are easy-to-use and slow-to-absorb, great for when you only need a small amount of CBD product over a longer period of time. So, for a slower release these are for you.

The CBD capsules and CBD sprays are blended with coconut oil, which aids the speed of absorption.

Fourfive CBD Review

Fourfive CBD The Future Of CBD Sports Supplements?

Fourfive CBD told CBD Village UK are working on some exciting projects:

“We are in the final stages of getting some very specific testing done on a 0% THC oil to add to our range. We are hugely excited about it.”

“Aside from that linking up with a bar in Dublin called Xico to develop their non-alcoholic cocktails was something we really enjoyed.”

The team at CBD Village would like to thank fourfive CBD for the opportunity to interview them and wish they company the best of luck in the coming years.

If you are interested in fourfive CBD products to help you rest, rise and recover check out our CBD shop now.

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