CBD & Cool Mom Syndrome

CBD & Cool Mom Syndrome

Your Favourite Moms Are Entering The CBD Oil World

Or Milfs. If you’re crude. Or of a certain decade. I’m not going to spell out the acronym.

Gwnyeth Paltrow, love her or hate her represents a certain kind of chic, adult woman with disposable income who is susceptible to hype. She’s the archetypal ‘Cool Mom’, a demographic that can legitimize a business and inject it with money just by thinking something is cool. As the founder of ‘Goop’ a natural health company, Gwyneth Paltrow has regularly promoted CBD oil and CBD infused products.

Nothing better crystallizes this power than seeing what ‘Cool Moms’ did for cannabidiol, the substance more commonly known as CBD. Jessica Alba too. The power of the soccer moms. Who knew?

We did.


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Goop magazine is here. Millions of thanks to the incredible teams @goop and @condenast. On newstands and also in link 👆🏻

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From On-Screen To The CBD Scene

The CBD market is the first aspect of the burgeoning, multi-billion dollar cannabis offshoot industry that seems to put women’s interests and needs first, creating inroads for women to actually work in that space. There’s a long way to go on that front but women kickstarted the CBD revolution.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

The number of women in leadership positions in CBD has actually decreased as the market becomes more lucrative. With the sound of cash desks ringing and kar-ching possibilities men muzzled in on the action. But there is hope. Charlotte Palermino of cannabis education site ‘Nice Paper’ profiles inspiring women dominating various aspects of the CBD industry and helping other women to do the same. There are quite a few on the cusp of really great things.

A few years ago,  CBD entered the lifestyle and beauty space—a land where everything from hyaluronic acid, to goji berries to crystal sex toys are rocketed to public consciousness (and raking in the money) because of their use in self-care. That’s how the compound went from a chemical that only weed nerds knew about—though CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that, unlike THC, will not get you high—to an industry projected to be worth $22 billion by 2022.

As a result, you can now likely purchase CBD oil in your local health food store. (I shudder to imagine what this will mean for BDSM now that GOOP is selling leather whips!?)

CBD Celebrity Endorsement

Another cool mom Jessisa Alba’s Honest company just launched PRIMA a CBD start-up selling CBD everything.

Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘Poosh’ is another LA-based beauty & Lifestyle brand that you just know is going to launch a CBD beauty line. The Kardashians have told us enough times just how much they are obsessed with CBD! Recently Kim Kardashian announced she would be having a CBD themed baby shower.

The CBD Hour

Stay at home mothers are a growing number of consumers taking CBD.

Parenthood has its highs and its lows. The struggle is real.

Instead of reaching for a vino at the witching hour cool moms compound of choice is CBD.

Parents have found solace in a non-intoxicating chemical – whatever gets you through the day. And maybe this is not such a bad thing.

Are you a cool CBD mam?

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