Could This New Irish CBD Cream Help to Fight Skin Infections Such As Eczema & Acne?

Preliminary tests on the effect of a CBD-infused cream on skin infections such as eczema have shown highly-promising results.

London stock exchange-listed Irish firm Integumen has facilitated the use of a CBD cream that tests have shown reduces bacterial growth by 99pc. The service based company uses its Labskin technology as a core test platform allowing skin care manufacturers to test their products.

CBD Research

In-Lab Testing

The in-lab CBD tests were carried out on bacteria known to cause infections and some of which are resistant to antibiotics.

“While these are preliminary tests, with further results to follow, it provides clear evidence that the addition of CBD to cosmetics and skin-care treatments can play a major role in lowering the incidence of skin diseases,” a company statement said.

Meanwhile Integumen CEO Gerry Brandon told CBD Village, “We can grow bacteria on the skin, and it is a real-world environment. So we have an acne, eczema, psoriasis model on which to test.”

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“The preliminary test results using CBD are a good example of how we can provide a unique test platform on human skin without animal testing or human volunteers, but also not restricted to a sterile test platform.”

The company floated just under two years ago and the news has boosted its share price on the AIM index.

Big Hopes for Eczema & Acne Sufferers

CEO Gerry Brandon said he expected to make further announcements on the product over the coming weeks, with the expectation being the company can positively impact the treatment of common skin ailments such as eczema or acne.

“I am delighted that collaboration processes, put in place by new management in H2 2018, have resulted in achieving such a great outcome in a very short period of time. This shows the extent and value of the technology and clinical expertise that exists within Integumen,” Mr Brandon said.

CBD Skin Cream for Eczema

To test its creams, Integumen used Labskin – a special laboratory-grown human skin that takes away the need for animal testing.

Integumen shares rose more than 40% to 1.3p on the back of the news.

More Research Required

Prohibition of the cannabis plant, where CBD originates, has stunted research on the qualities of the substance until very recently, but developments in the treatment of rare childhood epilepsy has increased interest, especially around the areas of insomnia, arthritis and general pain relief.

CBD & Hemp Cosmetics

The STOER For Men range, which Integumen own, is a self-contained skincare brand that the company use to test new ingredients, and as a control to other clients who wish to test against a comparable product range.

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