What is the Relationship between CBD Oil and Anxiety?

CBD For Social Anxiety

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Cannabidiol is a type of compound that comes from cannabis plants.  CBD (cannabidiol) research is in its early stages still, but the evidence is continuing to mount that indicates that some individuals can be provided with relief from using CBD oil for anxiety.

We will be examining what CBD oil actually is along with how it might help to reduce anxiety symptoms in this article.

CBD and anxiety

What Is CBD Oil?

This oil is derived from the cannabis plant.  It contains chemicals which are called cannabinoids. They might bind to receptors inside of the brain which helps to relieve pain symptoms. Cannabidiol oil gets extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD oil contains rich amount of cannabinoids, which is a type of chemical that binds with specialized receptors inside of the brain.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the best-known cannabinoid, which is what causes the “high” that is felt after marijuana is used. However, THC is only one of numerous cannabinoids that exist.  Cannabidiol binds as well to the receptors but a high is not produced. This means that you should be able to consume CBD products and go about your daily life without worrying about any negative side effects.  Proponents of cannabidiol argue that is provides numerous health benefits, which range from improved mental health to slowing cancer growth.

CBD oil is actually edible and may be added to food or used as a type of cooking oil.  Individuals can also consume a couple of drops to take it as a type of medication.

Can CBD help with anxiety

Is A High Produced By CBD?

A “high” will not be produced by CBD oil that comes from hemp.  Hemp is a kind of cannabis plant that is raised for industrial purposes, like making clothing and paper.  Hemp, unlike other types of cannabis plants, hasn’t been bred specifically to produce high THC levels.

CBD products can be sold as a kind of hemp oil that has trace levels of THC.  Therefore, a person who uses CBD products and who is given a drug test could still end up testing positive for THC, although they won’t experience in mental state changes after the oil is used.

CBD Oil For Anxiety – Is It The Solution?

Cannabis is well-known to help with relaxation, which makes it a very popular type of natural treatment method for anxiety. A lot of the research that has been conducted on cannabis products has examined use of marijuana as opposed to CBD oil being looked at as a standalone product. People are really only learning about CBD in the last 10 or so years since the laws for cannabis usage are becoming more and more liberal.

There have been some studies that have indicated that cannabis may help to reduce anxiety.  Other studies have suggested smoking marijuana may make an individual be more vulnerable to developing anxiety or that having anxiety may be a potential risk factor using marijuana for recreational purposes.

Individuals who are interested in trying to manage anxiety by using CBD products need to look at research that is exclusively on cannabidiol, and not generalized studies done on medical marijuana. Fewer studies have been specifically done on cannabidiol, but the preliminary research does show promise.

A small study conducted in 2010 found that cannabidiol may reduce social anxiety symptoms in individuals who have social anxiety disorder (SAD). The participants’ brain scans showed blood flow changes to the areas of the brain that are linked with anxious feelings.

In the study, not only did cannabidiol make participants feel better, but it also changed the response of their brains to anxiety.

Cannabis as a Medicine Through History

It was also found by a 2011 study that cannabidiol may reduce social anxiety.  In the study, researchers were specifically looking at cannabidiol for treating anxiety that comes with public speaking. It was found by 2014 published research that CBD oil within an animal model had possible antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects. It was concluded by a 2015 analysis of prior studies that CBD oil is a very promising treatment for many different forms of anxiety, which include post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

6 FAQ about CBD

However, the report cautioned that there is only a limited amount of data available on using CBD oil long term. Although research strongly suggests that cannabidiol plays an important role in treating short-term anxiety, not much is known about the long-term effects that is had, or the way it may be used as a form of prolonged treatment.

A case study from 2016 explored whether or not cannabidiol may reduce post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms as well as sleep disorder provoked by anxiety in a child who has a history with trauma. It was found by researchers that cannabidiol helped to reduce the anxiety of the child and also helped her sleep better.

Can CBD Oil Help With Chronic Pain Management?

When it comes to pain management, CBD oil is becoming an increasingly popular option. Smoking cannabis might pose more health risks than the use of CBD oil. It is suggested by research that using cannabis might cause negative health effects, especially when it is smoked.

However, research on cannabidiol specifically, has found no or few negative side effects.  What that means is that CBD oil might be a good option for individuals who don’t tolerate those side effects well from other anxiety medications, including addiction.

Not every state in the U.S. has legalized CBD oil specifically, although some states have legalized it just for specific purposes. An individual should become educated on the potential risks of using or buying it.  Although CBD oil is not on the Controlled Substances ACT (CSA) list, an individual should consult with their doctor before it is used for treating anxiety.

How CBD Oil Can Help You

Since CBD products aren’t regulated as an anxiety medical treatment, it isn’t clear what dosage should be used, or how often it should be used.  An individual needs to consult with a doctor who is familiar with CBD oil in order to determine what the proper dosage is to meet their needs.

Ways To Take CBD For Anxiety

CBD can be taken in a variety of different ways. They all have different pro’s and con’s. There isn’t just one way which is better than the rest.  The amount of CBD and how you take your CBD depends on what suits you and what condition you want help with. There are different time frames in which the effects of cannabidiol will be noticed because each method has a different bioavailabilities.

CBD Tinctures

These CBD products are when cannabidiol is extracted from hemp and then it can be placed into a different medium such as alcohol or oil. You then place the CBD oil under your tongue for 5 – 10 minutes. This is so that the CBD can be absorbed into your bloodstream. The effects of the cannabidiol can be noticed after 10 – 20 minutes and can sometimes last for 6 hours.

Vaping CBD

Hemp flower can be very high in cannabidiol. You can put the hemp flower or CBD e-liquid in a vape and consume it that way. Vaping is one of the most common ways to take cannabidiol for anxiety. This is because the effects happen nearly instantly although they don’t last as long as other methods.

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are created when using hemp derived CBD and placed into a carrier oil and then out into a capsule for easy consumption. They have a very similar effect on someone as CBD edibles do. The casing of the capsule stops the stomach acid breaking it down so the bioavailability of CBD capsules is low compared to the other methods.

CBD Edibles

CBD can be dissolved while its in fat. CBD butter or CBD oil can be used as an ingredient in many different things like cookies or gummies. Many of which are available on CBD Village. The cons of the edibles are that the effects can sometimes take up to two hours to be felt but they can last half a day.


While many people might not have heard of the intranasal method many people would have seen it done before. Its when a person uses a special spray bottle of CBD oil that is breathed into the nose where thin mucosa absorbs the CBD oil which makes you feel the effects of the cannabidiol extremely quickly.

CBD Spray / Oromucosal

Another fast and very effective way of consuming cannabidiol is by using a spray otherwise known as the oromucosal method. The .spray means that the CBD oil can quickly get into your bloodstream.

Smoking CBD

This way maybe the most unpopular way to get your CBD into your system. CBD and hemp cigarettes are becoming more and more popular though not in the UK just yet.

How Long Before I Start Seeing Changes With My Anxiety?

There have been a number of studies done on using CBD for anxiety. It seems to work in two ways. The first being that it can help rebuild brain cells in the hippocampus. It then also helps to regulate your serotonin levels in your brain. These are not short-term solutions however they might help you in the long term.

There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence that CBD can help regulate appetite, sleep and stress instantly for those people who consume it. Therefore because these things, when out of control, can cause anxiety its can be assumed that CBD helps.

Is CBD Oil Safe To Take?

Yes, of course, CBD oil is extremely safe to consume! There have been no known deaths caused by taking CBD oil. It has even been shown to be tolerated by human who have taken does of up 1500mg of cannabidiol.

The one warning you will hear a lot about CBD oil is that similarly to grapefruit juice, is that it has been known to interact with the livers enzymes. This could cause increases or decreases in any pharmacological drugs you may be taking. Always consult with your doctor before taking CBD oil.

CBD Dosage Guide

The studies that have been done on using CBD oil for anxiety shows that there is a wide variety of different dosages for cannabidiol. It goes from 5mg all the way up to 600mg. It also shows that CBD for anxiety is more effective in smaller doses and that the effects are not linear meaning that the effects are felt more the more CBD oil you consume. So don’t take more cannabidiol because you think the effects will come quicker.

CBD Dosage chart

It’s generally good practice to start small when taking CBD oil for anxiety. Then you can gradually build up how much your taking. Start with 5mg for around three days. The after that increase your dosage to 10mg for another three days. Keep increasing it by 5mg every three days until you find that the cannabidiol is having the desired effect. A lot of people who take CBD for their anxiety find that 20mg per day is enough to have their symptoms relieved. Many people can suffer from onset anxiety due to social anxiety so you might can to get yourself a CBD vape pen so that you can be instantly relieved on your stress.


It is still unclear what role cannabidiol can play when it comes to treating anxiety disorder, since more long-term studies are needed to assess the risks and benefits. For individuals with anxiety who have not received relief from other types of treatments, CBD oil does offer a possibly good alternative solution. New CBD oil UK users looking to treat their anxiety should consult with a doctor to help them determine the best treatment for their needs.  It is also advised that people research the laws within their local areas for using cannabis products. You can always be sure that once we hear about new studies being on CBD and its uses for people with anxiety that CBD Village will be here to guide you through everything you need to know once again. Don’t forget that CBD Village is your most reputable source of CBD products and information in the UK.