With more and more people hearing positive things about CBD oils, it’s only natural then that so many more want to know what it feels like to use them. CBD is derived from hemp and contains vitamins, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids and other materials.

CBD oil is taken on a daily basis by users across the UK and the world. It affects neurotransmitters in ways that are positive for our well-being and lifestyles. CBD, or cannabidiol, is just one of more than 100 cannabinoids in contained cannabis sativa. You probably simply know it though as a marijuana plant. Cannabinoids are natural cannabis and hemp constituents with zero psychoactive components.

Effects of CBD

Like I said, CBD is not a psychoactive supplement. What this means is that it does not offer a euphoric high. Meaning you won’t experience any unwanted effects on reaction time, perception, sensory awareness, behaviour or consciousness when you take it. Some users do cite feelings of relaxation, calmness and improved energy when taking CBD but of course, this varies from person to person. It’s also dependant on the dosage that you take.

Any effects you do experience when taking CBD may determine the time that you take it. If CBD makes you feel relaxed, it could be best to take it in the evening. Should it increase your energy levels, you may wish to consume it in the morning. Not everyone feels differently during waking hours, though many users tend to experience better sleep, with some reporting improved energy throughout the day rather than just during a specific part of it.

The Feels

Like floating, peaceful, relaxing, a cup of warm tea, nothing, these are just some of the ways that CBD has been described. It seems that for every person who tries CBD there is a unique sensory experience to go along with it. But to quote a user of CBD it’s not about how it feels but how it doesn’t feel. Whereas if you drink too much caffeine you’re likely to become jittery and too much alcohol makes you feel fuzzy and warm, that is just not the same with CBD.

This is because what CBD is all about is relieving and removing symptoms. If you’re looking to get some CBD the chances are you need relief from something. CBD is currently being prescribed in the USA for a variety of conditions, for example chronic pain, aching muscles, inflammation of the skin and relief from intestinal and abdominal pains.

There is a danger with this though. If what you’re getting doesn’t make you feel anything, how do you know it’s working? It can be a tricky thing to keep your eye and your mind on. But if there’s a specific condition you’re looking to deal with it might help to keep track of it. Try keeping a journal, document how you’re feeling, all of this can be incredibly helpful if anything were to go wrong and for knowing exactly how much you need.

What’s Right for Me, Might Not Be for You

Because of the dearth of studies into CBD there is still a large amount we don’t know. What we do know is that using CBD is different for everyone. It’s all about knowing your own body and discovering what works for you. There’s quite a lot of trial and error that goes along with CBD. It’s unfortunate, really, but since CBD in the UK isn’t as fully understood as other more mainstream treatments it’ll be a while before we have a standard metric of what’s supposed to happen when.

Potential Problems

Well for a start, we know that CBD has been used by those suffering from anxiety. This is because CBD, through its associations with marijuana, has often been associated with those wishing to relax. But this is not without quite a few studies to back it up. While unlike THC it doesn’t get you high it does share the common characteristic of making the user feel comfortable and relaxed. Perhaps the only thing that could potentially happen is that if you ingested too much CBD and began to feel a little nauseous. This is nothing to be concerned about, you’ll just feel a little queasy.

Restoring Balance in the Body

CBD is a cannabinoid which interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, also known as its “self-regulatory network”. All mammals share this system, which oversees the vast majority of the body’s functions, including sleep, mood, learning, memory, appetite, hormone production, our responses to pain and stress, energy balance, metabolism and the operations of our immune system.

It’s vital that our endocannabinoid functions well if our general health and well-being are to be of a high standard. The system works to restore harmony when functions become out of balance. If you use CBD oil regularly, you may start to feel substantial improvements in mood, appetite, sleep and various other functions.

Some people keep a journal to report the impact their CBD use is having on their well-being. A lot of people are also using CBD oil to relieve pain.

Is there THC in CBD?

Honest answer? It depends. CBD, generally speaking, has minimal traces of THC. For those that don’t know THC is the chemical often associated with undesirable effects of cannabis such as psychosis and other psychological issues.

But today many hemp-based oils are 100% THC free. And others contain as little as 0.3%. This means CBD hemp oil is regarded as safe to use and may be able to provide valuable health benefits. All with zero negative effects.

Continued Studies and Benefits

The conditions that CBD has been associated with helping with are vast. And with studies and clinical trials being done all the time our knowledge can only grow. CBD has been used to aid in the treatment of epileptic seizures, with one popular such cases in the UK media being that of Billy Caldwell.

As with any medication though, it’s strongly advised to consult your doctor before taking CBD oil to ensure harmful incidents don’t occur from improper use. Medical professionals can provide you with valuable information to help you get the full benefits of any medicine.

In any case, the popularity of CBD oil in the UK is showing no signs of heading into decline and we can only hope it continues to provide more benefits for the human body.

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