Tried CBD Oil and It Didn’t Work? Find Out Why

Tried CBD Oil and It Didn't Work

So you’ve read all the hype, you’ve become fully convinced, or at least half-convinced, that CBD might do you some good. You do a little bit of research on the best CBD companies and their products, you order some, patiently wait for it to arrive all the while speculating about how much more fantastic your life will be now that you’re using CBD.

Maybe you even start feeling a bit proud of yourself for taking steps towards a more wholesome and healthier life, “Look at all these other people,’ you wonder aloud while staring at your friends and family. “Not using CBD. What are they thinking?’

The day arrives, your package delivered in the mail. You ingest your first bit of CBD and wait for the fireworks to begin.

How To Take CBD Oil – Best Methods & Dosages

And then?

Nothing. Maybe it doesn’t work right away, so you give it a few days but still, mostly, nothing.

What is going on?

A Few Potential Reasons

Like any medication, the effect CBD can have on the body varies from person-to-person. The more we learn about our biologies the more we understand of our vast differences. When taking CBD you have to account for a lot of things that may cause a difference in reaction.

Length of Time

Yes, it might simply be you haven’t spent enough time taking CBD to really fully benefit. While it’s true that there are some cases of people who take CBD and almost immediately see results for the vast majority of us out there it takes a little longer. In some cases it can take 3-4 weeks to build a decent amount in your body.

How Long Does CBD Oil Stay In Your System?


For every person there is an optimal dosage. It could be a matter of simply finding out the right amount of CBD you need. Some companies claim their products have 1000mg of CBD but might only have a fraction of that. You need to be sure that what you’re taking is of the utmost quality and the premium strength to suit your needs.

Not All Oils Are Created Equal

This one might seem a bit flippant but there are just some companies out there that aren’t producing quality CBD. Check out reviews, see what others are saying about the products you’re using, perhaps they’ve moved onto something better. Know your options. Check out our page for the best CBD vape oil reviews.

Ingestion Method

Another basic one, but perhaps you’re not aware of it, but different methods of ingestion create significant differences in your body’s ability to absorb CBD oil . Using a CBD vape pen, though it might not be your favorite, has been shown to be the most effective for CBD absorption. Or if you’ve tried that why not get some CBD capsules or CBD balms. With so many options on the market, you really have no excuse.