CBD and THC have a lot in common; they’re both all natural, they’re both acronyms, and they’re both a type of chemical known as cannabinoids. This special type of chemical is unique in its ability to interact with a part of the human body known as the endocannabinoid system.

Despite all these similarities, these two chemicals do have a few differences.


THC and CBD, while being sister-cannabinoids are very different in a lot of ways. A handy way is to imagine CBD as the friend who is reliable, a good influence, and who picks you up when you need it most. THC, on the other hand, is the friend who helps you forget your problems, laugh at dumb stuff, and sometimes (if you’re not careful) spend six hours watching Bojack Horseman on Netflix rather than going to work or feeding your dog.

There is a lot of evidence that THC may have many positive uses for a whole range of conditions, but you can’t deny that overindulging it can lead to a less than dynamic mindset. CBD, on the other hand, has zero psychoactive properties but is packed with potential benefits.


CBD, or cannabidiol oil is currently the centre of a lot of excitement in the UK natural supplement community. It is a veritable panacea, offering relief for a huge battery of conditions from menstrual pain to migraine.

CBD, like all cannabinoids, is found in the cannabis plant so you’d be forgiven for thinking that it can make you high; forgiven, but wrong. CBD and THC both interact with the endocannabinoid system but in very different ways. THC affects the area of the endocannabinoid system located in the brain. This is what gives users the euphoric ‘high’ associated with weed.

CBD, on the other hand, affects different areas of the endocannabinoid system, notably the digestive tract. This means that when you’re using CBD you won’t notice any psychoactive effects.

What Does This Mean For Users?

Pure CBD oil contains no THC. There is no way you can get high from using it. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the high. This also means that you can adjust the dose of your cannabis without worrying about any psychoactive effects that may impair your day.

Of course, when it comes to dosing with pure CBD there are a few things you have to be aware of.

The Dosage Bell-Curve

Pure CBD has been shown to have a dosage bell-curve which means that medium doses are more effective than low or medium doses. This poses a problem, because everyone’s optimal dose is different, meaning that there is going to be a level of trial and error when it comes to pure CBD oil treatment. CBD oil UK users should consult their doctor before increasing dosages.

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