Montel Williams is one of the most recognizable faces on American television, and has been since 1991. A household name not just in the US but across the globe, Williams is also a well-known military veteran and a well-respected campaigner for numerous social justice causes. What many don’t know about Williams though is that he suffers from chronic pain: and this is why he chooses to use CBD oil.

Montel Williams MS Diagnosis

Montel was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 1999. This condition, for which there’s no cure, causes damage to the nerve tissues in the brain and spine, disrupting the messages the brain can send to the nervous system and in many cases, causing debilitating pain for sufferers.

Shortly after his diagnosis, Williams admits that he begged doctors to try every possible pain relief drug on him in order to identify something effective. However, he was unable to find respite from any of the usual prescription medications, and instead his physicians recommended that he try CBD oil. Almost immediately, Williams was able to regain movement and relief that he hadn’t been able to do before and he was almost immediately converted to a passionate and vocal advocate for medicinal CBD usage.

Montel Williams Non-Profit MS Foundation

Finding CBD oil such a powerful pain and inflammation reliever for his Multiple Sclerosis neuropathic symptoms, Williams started a non-profit organization called the MS Foundation to research CBD product development and to educate the public on its potential benefits. Using the MS Foundation as his backing alongside his very public celebrity profile platform, he has publicly supported efforts to pass medical cannabis laws in states where they don’t yet apply, as well as advocating full legalization. Alongside these campaigning efforts, Williams went on to open his own medical CBD dispensary in California, known as the Abatin Wellness Cooperative. His dispensary focuses on educating those in need of CBD on its properties and uses and stocks specific ratios of beneficial compounds, rather than taking the more corporate approach of focusing on novelty products, (an approach he found when researching mainstream dispensaries for his own purchases). Few celebrities have adopted such a public approach so quickly – which goes to show just how positively Williams found the improvement to his life through the usage of CBD oil.

An Almost Pain Free Life

Williams now lives almost entirely pain free and continues to be able to live a life with a hectic schedule of travel, business and campaigning. He smokes cannabis but primarily takes CBD oil orally with food in the evenings, to combat the tremors he experiences at night-time and to promote a healthier, deeper quality of sleep. He continues to speak out at CBD industry conferences and events and has even been known to help out behind the counter of his California dispensary, sharing his experiences and aiding others in their journey toward a pain free and high quality lifestyle.

A fraudulent company was selling CBD oil under Montel Williams’ name, read about it here. You can also watch Montel talk about these issues on the Dr. Oz show here.

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