Tom Youngs is a British professional rugby union player who plays for both the Leicester Tigers and his national team, England. Successful professionally, Youngs was dealt a devastating blow when in 2014, his wife Tiffany was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after complaining to doctors of cough that wouldn’t go away. To make it worse, the diagnosis was terminal: and Tiffany was warned that her extremely advanced cancer could kill her within a month.

However, four years on and Tiffany is still alive; and free of cancer entirely. After having undergone a round of aggressive stem cell therapy treatment, she turned to CBD oil… and credits her recovery to it.

CBD oil and cancer have been intrinsically linked for a number of years due to the sheer number of patients coming forward with stories of success having incorporated it into their treatment regimes. For Tiffany Youngs, this was an extremely vigorous regime which involved the daily consumption of CBD oil alongside fasting, a strict diet of oily fish and the use of an ENS cosmodic machine to stimulate cell growth with electric pulses. However, others have reported effective treatment without having to resort to such strict routines.

Whilst never recommended a standalone treatment or any type of ‘miracle cure’, it’s believed that CBD oil can ease the suffering of patients in numerous ways. The first is undoubtedly the pain relief it provides, giving respite from both ongoing chronic and temporary pain from traditional treatment side effects, which is all natural and unlike pharmaceutical pain interventions, won’t interact with any other essential drugs. Secondly, those undergoing aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy suffer from a range of detrimental side effects, including nausea. CBD oil is able to give an organic relief to this and ease off the sick feeling.

There is evidence to suggest that CBD oil and cancer may be more closely linked, however. As CBD latches onto the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, studies show that it may have a range of effects that can help tackle cancer more directly. This includes the halting of cell division, the prevention of blood vessels growing into tumours and the reduction of cells spreading into other areas. There has also been evidence to show cells without CB receptors reacting in this way to CBD; although scientists are currently unable to explain how this may occur.

There is still a great way to go in the clinical trials of CBD oil and cancer, but one thing is for sure: a great many people are reporting real success in not just the treatment of their disease directly but also in the easing of symptoms, side effects and pain. Tiffany Youngs’ recovery is one of a few stories in the mass media, but her husband’s fame gives it a certain kudos that others struggle to achieve. If you are suffering with cancer and looking for alternative therapies, talk through your options with a doctor and the possibility of incorporating CBD into your treatment regime to try it out.

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