There are over 350 million people who suffer from arthritis around the world today. With around 50 million people in the U.S. alone afflicted it’s an issue that needs serious addressing. It is a huge epidemic in the world and as it currently stands there is no suitable treatment for many that are under this kind of pain.

The debilitating nature of arthritis means that as people become increasingly less mobile, more dependent on others to do things they are also more susceptible to depression and feelings of emotional stress.

In recent years people have been relying more heavily on the use of CBD to help deal with their arthritis. Patients have reported alleviation of inflammation and increased mobility. Why is this treatment so helpful in places where others have not been? What makes CBD so effective?

Short Answer – Your Body Loves CBD

In recent years we have learned that when the body has CBD introduced into it there are positive reactions in our endocannabinoid receptors. As we take CBD into our body these receptors light up to combat chronic conditions. These receptors are located all across your body, from your hair follicles to your digestive tract to your muscles. They themselves are actively producing cannabinoids. That’s right, your body has been making cannabinoids all along.

That’s where using CBD oil for arthritis comes in.

Studies Look Promising

In 2011, researchers conducted a study involving rats to find out whether CBD could be effective in combating acute arthritis. What they found has profound implications for those suffering long-term with this kind of illness. It showed that the cannabinoid receptors found in joints could be treated using CBD.

How Does it Work?

It is by acting via our body’s CB2 receptors that CBD oil for arthritis can be so effective. CB2 plays a significant role in our body’s immune system and so helps with the relationship between cannabinoids and our inflamed joints. Added to this the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can inhibit the progress of arthritis.

Different Strains for Different Pains

Like a lot of things there simply isn’t a one size fits all for CBD. What works for one person may not automatically work for someone else in their friend circle or even family because we’re all made different. That probably sounds a bit hokey but it’s true.

It’s also the reason it’s so important to be aware of all of your options when considering using CBD oil for arthritis. Sample different strains, experiment, and remember the golden rule of CBD: Start low and go slow. That should keep you out of harm’s way.

Of course, if you have any concerns about your own personal health when considering CBD oil then, by all means, consult a medical professional.

Percentages and THC

Another thing to be aware of is the percentages of CBD and THC available in the cannabis that you get. To the uninitiated, it might all seem like the same thing but each one can have vastly different effects on your body. There are strains that are more CBD dominated and some that are more on the THC end of the spectrum. If neither of those is to your liking there are also the hybrids which mix the two equally. Whichever is more to your liking you’ll always link CBD oil and arthritis treatment together.

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