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CBDfx – Organically Grown Hemp CBD Products

CBDfx is one of the biggest and most well-known, global online CBD retailer. CBDfx offers over 50 high quality CBD products to their loyal customers and these products definitively set the bar for rigorous standards.

Each and every CBDfx product is derived from wholly organic hemp plants and then extracted in their product facility in Southern California. CBDfx has an ever-expanding CBD products range which has everything from refreshing and unique CBD vape e-liquids to topical CBD creams and balms, CBD tinctures and CBD gummies.

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Founded in 2014 by Ali Esmail and Jameson Rodgers with the mission of making CBD available to everyone all over the world, CBDfx make high-quality fun products and are committed to evolving the product range. They have grown the company from a tiny operation with big ambitions to one of the leading CBD brands known internationally. The founders put a large part of their success down to surrounding themselves with talented, driven people.

They work closely with their Californian hemp farmers to ensure that there are no harmful pesticides or herbicides used in growing the Sativa plants. All CBDfx products are processed at their state of the art CBD extraction facility. Is the CBDfx secret having complete control of the products they produce, from the root, to the bottle? The founders, Ali and Esmail certainly think so.

But that’s not the only secret to success. CBDfx are highly committed to testing their product to maintain a consistent quality that their customers know and love. The benefit of regular testing at every stage of production is not only to meet regulatory requirements but also to keep the manufacturing process finely tuned and it also gives these entrepreneurs the ability to zero in when anything looks awry.

CBDfx are continuing to broaden the line up of products they produce to meet the increasingly diverse tastes of the consumer market. Some off their product highlights include a range of CBD e liquids.

CBDfx E Liquids

Vaping CBD is favored by many due its effectiveness and efficiency but CBDfx have worked hard to produce a range of e-liquids that no only do the job, but also taste great too.

With flavours like Strawberry Taffy and Wild Watermelon, you are sure to find something that will suit your palette.

CBDfx have also introduced a Terpenes based range of vape oils that offer a more subtle flavour experience that’s a big hit with our customers here, judging by the feedback we’ve gotten.

CBDfx Gummies

There are an increasing number of people who enjoy the convenience of CBD infused sweet treats. They are also ar more discreet than the more traditional tinctures. CBDfx introduced a new range of products to meet this growing customer demand recently and although not all the flavours are appreciated by everyone, the range is large enough that you are sure to find something that meets your needs. With 10mg of cannabinoids per 2 sweets, they offer good value at a decent price point.

CBDfx Tinctures

The tincture and the dropper is how most people are familiar with taking CBD and whilst not to take away from this tried and tested method of administering CBD, you do get strange looks when taking a drop in public. Whilst there are other options such as sub-lingual sprays which are more convenient, many people still choose the method they are familiar with. And as CBDfx have been in the industry since 2014, there are many that are familiar with them too.

CBDfx’s range of CBD oil tinctures use a balance of MCT as the carrier oil with full-spectrum CBD rich in a range of cannabinoids. As not everyone appreciates the earthy flavored of CBD, CBDfx have a range of different

CBDfx Capsules

Many people prefer the convenience of a capsule to other methods of taking CBD. CBDfx’s Soft Gel Capsules offer a predictable dosage so that you don’t need to worry about complicated measurements or charts.