Vaping CBD During Festival Season

Vaping CBD During Festival Season

Vaping CBD Do’s & Don’ts During Festival Season

Festival season will soon be upon us and, if you’re a vaper, that means you’ve got to get things sorted. The CBD vape UK scene is really exploding right now and hopefully you’ve got your ticket, know how you’re getting there, maybe you’re glamping or maybe you still need to check your old tent for holes. But one thing is for certain, you’re going to want to have your vape ready to go. Here’s our handy guide of the do’s and don’ts of festival season.

Do Stock Up

It’s difficult for us to recommend how much CBD vape oil you’ll need over the course of a few days. I don’t know you personally but I can make the assumption that you probably won’t take enough. Whatever you think would be the perfect amount for the length of the festival, add another half day’s worth to that.

But it’s not just the oil you’ll need. You’ll also need to make sure your batteries are fully charged before you go. There are often charging stations at festivals, so look them up once you arrive. Just in case they don’t though it’s worth investing in a fully charged spare battery back. Never can be too careful, after all.

Vaping CBD Do’s and Don’ts During Festival Season

Do Prepare Adequate Storage

It doesn’t really matter what kind of weather you have because your tent will always feel like an oven during the day. Unless you opted for fancy glamping and you’ve got yourself an air con. If so you probably don’t need to rest of this section. Failing that, however, you’ve got to be aware that hot temperatures can be really bad for your CBD vape oil. It can also be quite damaging to your battery, too. You may be lucky to have somewhere cool and dry near or on the campsite to store your things but most likely you’ll have to DIY.

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We recommend taking a cooler box, extra points if you throw a few ice packs in there. This is the optimal way to store your CBD vape oil. Another tip for keeping your tent just generally cool is lay some reflective blankets over the top of the tent. And if you’re close to your tent consider leaving the tent flap open for that cool air.

Don’t Ruin Things for Others

Festivals are all about having fun, this almost goes without saying. But it’s good to remember that it’s just you having fun but other people, too. Most festivals allow vaping in outdoor areas but it is often prohibited inside tented areas or even in smaller pop-up stages. It’s a good idea to check the festival site to see where any and all restrictions might be. Don’t be that guy… or girl… or non-binary person ruining things for the rest of us.

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Also, even if it is allowed that doesn’t mean you should start vaping into people’s faces at the earliest convenience. Check to make sure the people around you don’t mind. It might even lead to some nice conversations with fellow vapers, and other general loveliness.

Vaping CBD at festivals

Don’t Use a Dirty Vape

If there’s one word to describe a festival other than ‘fun’ and ‘exhausting, it’s probably ‘dirty’. Festival organizers have definitely improved in the last twenty years but even cleanest festival can get a bit muddy. Don’t let that dirt get near your vape. Vaporizers that are exposed to dirt can become clogged and not perform as effectively.

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You can take care of your CBD vape pen relatively simply just with water and a paper towel. The mouthpiece is key, you don’t want a filthy one in your mouth. The same goes for any small cracks or connections that could become dirty and lead to a faulty unit. If you want to go that extra step further consider bringing some isopropyl alcohol solution. This will give you a far deeper clean than what water alone can do.

Follow these do’s and don’ts and you’re likely to have a fantastic time this festival season.

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