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The Best Vape Pens for CBD

Best CBD Vape Pens 2019 – CBD Vape UK

Vaping CBD is a fantastic method of absorbing CBD given its high bio-availability, convenience, and ability to work quickly on our endocannabinoid system. CBD vapor enters the systematic circulation rapidly via pulmonary absorption bypassing much of the bodies metabolism providing rapid onset of effects.

CBD vape pens or vaporizers as they are often called, heat CBD vape oil as opposed to burning it, transforming it into a vapor which is then inhaled.

CBD vape pens typically contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power a heating element or coil which heats the CBD e-liquid and turns it into vapor. There is a wide variety of CBD vape pens available, and in this article, we highlight 10 of the very best for vaping CBD e-liquids, to suit every budget.

Without any further delay, here is our list of the 10 best CBD vapes on the market for 2019.

Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer

The Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer is a portable, compact, and discreet CBD vape pen at only 4 inches tall that contains a refillable tank which can hold 1ml of CBD e-liquid.

A 280mAh vape pen battery powers this ultralight pen within a half an hour giving you 30-40 long draws from each charge. There are no buttons on this CBD vape pen, rather it uses an air activated heating system which begins heating your CBD oil once you begin to draw.

The Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer is a fantastic CBD vape pen that does not leak nor gives any spit back from the mouthpiece, delivering only smooth, quality, cool vapor.

We feel the Kadypens Rubi Vaporizer is the perfect choice for a beginner because of its ease of use and the advanced because of the delicious taste it offers.

Average Price: £39


Neo Sub-Ohm Vape Mod Kit

The Neo Sub Ohm vape mod kit is one of the most powerful CBD oil vaporizers on the market with an ultra-powerful 4500 mAh vape pen battery.

The Neo Sub Ohm vape mod kit boasts a large 4ml glass chamber so you never run out of CBD e-liquid when out and about.

A top-fill design makes filling this powerful trendy looking machine that much easier.

Beginners will love the one button ease of use but advanced users will be taken aback by the power of this small device.

Average Price: £55


Dr Dabber Ghost Pen Vaporizer

Winner of the ‘High Times Best Value Category’, the Dr Dabber Ghost pen vaporizer is ideal for vaping CBD oil as it uses low heat titanium technology to slowly heat your oil to ensure you get perfectly smooth vapor.

The Dr Dabber Ghost pen vaporizer was designed with a tapered tip mouthpiece providing maximum comfort while the titanium coil provides smooth, flavoursome vapor.

A full charge takes approximately one hour and will last approximately 200 draws. A fantastic CBD vape pen for both beginners and advanced CBD vape enthusiasts.

Average Price: £40


Kandypens Amber Rose Collection Champagne

The Kandypens Amber Rose collection champagne is a stylish, sophisticated, limited edition, powerful CBD vape oil pen that will provide you with some of the most delicious vapor available on the market.

Featuring an all quartz crystal chamber with dual quartz rods that evenly heats CBD vape e-liquid in the 0.5ml tank to one of 4 temperatures available.

This handmade CBD oil pen by Kandypens would make a perfect luxurious gift for a loved one who is venturing into the CBD vaping world and is looking to vape CBD or to add to your own collection.

Average Price: £117


The Bug Mini Vape

The Bug Mini Vape is a sleek CBD oil vape pen by renowned pen specialists MigVapor that is available in a host of different colours.

These beautiful pens are powered by a powerful rechargeable 1100mAh vape pen battery that provides excellent vapor quality and taste.

The Bug Mini comes with a top filled design making filling the tank a lot easier and it can hold up to 2ml of CBD oil.

We feel the Bug Mini Vape is ideal as a gift or to simply treat yourself.

Average Price: £32


Kandypens Special K Black Pen Vaporizer 

Another fantastic pen vaporizer from Kandypens, the Special K Black pen vaporizer is a discreet and elegant pen that can hold up to 1ml of CBD oil in the refillable vape pen tank.

A 650mAh rechargeable vape pen battery offers 3 heat settings depending on perference and a full charge provides hours of vaping enjoyment.

The Special K Black pen vaporizer is a stylish quality pen that will ensure you taste all those aromatic terpene profiles from your CBD oil.

The Special K Black pen vaporizer by Kandypens is now available in black and white.

Average Price: £63


Morpheus Vape Mod Kit

The Morpheus Vape Mod Kit is one of the most powerful pens on the market boasting a 3000mAh vape pen battery that will help you get the most from your CBD oil not to mention keep you going all day long.

A beautifully designed, sturdy, quality pen, the Morpheus Vape Mod can hold 3ml of CBD vape oil in its large tank, perfect for a day out.

A stainless steel mouthpiece offers maximum flavour and its ease of use will be something beginners will love while veterans will be blown away by the quality of vapor.

Average Price: £55


Joytech AIO CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit

Joytech AIO CBD vape pen is a slick, quality, affordable pen with a large 2ml tank that is perfect for vaping CBD vape oil.

Expertly designed with an adjustable airflow which you can easily adjust to create the perfect draw resistance that suits you.

Powered by a 1500mAh rechargeable vape pen battery, this powerful pen vapes your CBD vape oil evenly and efficiently and even has a built-in anti-spit back mouthpiece feature.

Average Price: £25


Bug RX Oil Vape Pen

Available in silver and black, the Bug RX oil vape pen is a stylish looking pen from renowned American manufacturer MigVapor that can hold 1.2ml of CBD vape oil.

Powered by an 1100 mAh vape pen battery you are sure to get quality smooth vapor and fantastic tasting terpenes.

A full charge of this CBD vape pen takes a couple of hours and will provide at least 50 draws on a full charge.

Average Price: £33


Red Just Fog Minifit CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit

The Red Just Fog Minifit is one of the smallest CBD oil vape pens on the market and will fit perfectly and discreetly into the palm of your hand.

Although small it still packs a kick with a 350 mAh rechargeable vape pen battery and can hold 1.5ml of CBD vape oil in its refillable pod.

One of the most affordable pens on the market and certainly a favourite with beginners dipping their toes in the CBD vaping world.

Average Price: £17