Why Sam Simon Used CBD

Why Sam Simon Used CBD

CBD Vs Cancer

Slowly but surely the stigma surrounding CBD is disappearing, people are becoming more interested and no one wants to miss out on its excellent benefits… not even celebs. With all the good that the supplement is doing, we can’t say we are surprised.

Sam Simon, best known for his role as one of The Simpsons co-creators, passed away in March 2015 from terminal cancer. Although Simon was aged just 59 he had a remarkable journey following a terminal diagnosis in 2012 that dated him with 3-6 months to live.

The comedy genius and self-confessed dog lover used CBD every morning to alleviate pain during his time of illness and his daily routine could have aided in prolonging his life.

Sam Simon and CBD

Simon was originally misdiagnosed by doctors who claimed he was feeling unwell due to a virus. By the time he received a second diagnosis it was stage four colon cancer. Open to a number of unorthodox treatments, friends have stated that Simon that was willing to try anything.

The late producer turned director claimed, “I’m not sure how much I believe in faith healers, but I’m not sure how much I believe in chemo either”.

Whilst undergoing treatment it was pain relief that Simon turned to CBD for and often received the medicine through food laced with CBD. He even had a personal medical marijuana chef who would often make him CBD treats, some of which included protein peanut butter cookies.

The American Cancer Society in recent years has taken a stand behind CBD products and often promote its use as a means to relieve pain, control nausea and vomiting, as well as increasing appetite. During a magazine interview Simon once told reporters that he had a whopping 35 different chemicals and medications by his bed which all supposedly mitigated nausea and sickness.

CBD, he said, was the only one that helped.

His Fortune

In a race to donate his entire fortune before his death, Simon was known for his charity work rescuing grizzly bears, (Also, chinchillas and elephants) and funding vegan food banks. He reportedly channeled an estimated hundred million dollars into his favourite charity causes.

These included his own charity the Sam Simon foundation, which provides service dogs to returning veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress or impairments. Other charities that received substantial donations included a dog rescue haven in Malibu, PETA, Save The Children, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Simon’s Death

Although Simon passed away at the age of 59, he lived for three full years following a terminal diagnosis. Whilst CBD has not been indefinitely proved as cancer treatment several reports suggest that the cannabinoids can in fact slow down the growth of cancer cells and could possibly kill them.

If nothing else, the natural supplement could act as an effective pain reliever to cancer patients, and alleviate negative symptoms associated with chemotherapy.

Emma Kane
Emma Kane
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