Loveburgh CBD Review

Loveburgh CBD review

Loveburgh Scottish CBD Oil Company Review

The UK has seen a huge increase in demand for high quality CBD products in recent years. This has resulted in more and more CBD businesses opening in order to supply the demand.

In this article we take a closer look at Loveburgh CBD and their range of CBD products.

Who Are Loveburgh Raw?

Loveburgh is a seed to shelf CBD company that grows its own certified organic hemp after which it then manufacturers it into a wide range of premium products.

Necessity certainly is the mother of all invention as it was an illness in 2013 that made founder Jas turn to this wondrous plant to help with his symptoms.

Two years after using CBD oil to treat himself, Jas created Loveburgh to try to help others and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

This love and appreciation of the plant led to a CBD product to suit everyone.

What CBD Products Do Loveburgh Offer?

All of Loveburgh products are made entirely from lab certified organic hemp such as:

  • CBD E-liquid
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Raw Juice
  • CBD Hemp Extracts
  • CBD Protein and CBD Powder

For a more in-depth review we picked up some of Loveburghs CBD products and tried them ourselves and here is what we thought:

Loveburgh CBD E-Liquid Review

Loveburgh CBD E-liquids Review

We loved vaping with Loveburgh CBD e-Liquids as the effects were felt instantaneously.

The taste and quality of vapour are exactly what would be expected from organic CBD hemp infused with terpenes.

Loveburgh have created one of the most natural CBD e-liquids available to buy in the world.

Loveburgh CBD e-liquids are made with no synthetic chemicals such as PG.

Loveburgh CBD e-liquids come in 3 mouth-watering flavours and strengths ranging from 200mg to 800mg for fast effective results.

Each CBD e-liquid has a distinct smooth flavour you will love such as:

Loveburgh Cedar blend

Terpenes from the Cedar tree are quite apparent on the palate here and this delicious flavour gives you a kind of sweet honey taste.

Loveburgh Citrus blend

Each pull hits you with a wave of citrus fruits. A really refreshing sumptuous draw every time.

Loveburgh Grape Blend

Another incredible fruity blend with a hint of grape in each pull. You will love this!

Loveburgh CBD Oil Review

Loveburgh CBD oil review

Loveburgh CBD oil offer a range of CBD oils to help maintain optimal bodily performance.

Loveburgh CBD oils are a natural food supplement derived from the hemp plant.

Choose from full-spectrum, rapid absorption, or super strength formulas with strengths ranging from 250mg up to 2000mg, all in a variety of carrier oils.

We were intrigued to try the CBD oils as it’s rare to have such a varied range of oils from one company and we were not disappointed.

Loveburgh Full Spectrum CBD Oil

What we love about full-spectrum CBD oils is that you get more than just CBD. Full spectrum CBD oils include other cannabinoids and terpenes that help to contribute towards the entourage effect.

This earthy tasting oil is perfect for everyday dosage and we felt uplifted by it.

Loveburgh Rapid Absorb CBD Oil

Rapid absorb does exactly that. You can feel it get to work faster than most oils and it has a nice earthy taste.

The bottle contains 500 mg of CBD and we found small amounts to be quite effective.

Loveburgh Super Strength CBD Oil

If you have a condition that requires the ultimate dosage then choose super strength which ranges from 750 mg to 2000 mg.

Each drop contained in MCT oil greets you with a natural earthy taste.

Loveburgh CBD Raw Juice Review

loveburgh cbd juice review

Loveburgh CBD Raw Juice is available in 3 unique flavours, all of which contain raw hemp and healthy fruit and vegetable juices combined into delicious nutritious smoothies.

Loveburgh’s range of CBD juice offer users of CBD a fresh, tasty and healthy way of consuming CBD with this CBD infusion.

They use fully certified organic raw materials for the base of all of their CBD products, including their CBD infused fruit and vegetable juice range.

We took a different CBD infused raw juice smoothie every morning and we loved them! Not only are they clearly nutritious but they are delicious also.

It’s amazing the difference you feel after drinking a bottle and they are available in such delicious flavours with each containing 25mg of CBD and CBDa such as:

Loveburgh Berry Blast

Berry Blast is a delightful blend of organic blueberry, acai berry, apple and banana.

You will be happy to know that each bottle contains vitamins A, C, K, B6, B12, carotene, calcium and potassium, omega fats and amino acids.

Loveburgh Green Supreme

Green Supreme juice is a delicious organic blend of fresh kale, cucumber, celery, freshly juiced apples and avocado with a dash of lemon and lime.

It is a refreshingly smooth drink containing naturally occurring vitamins A, C and K, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, natural hemp terpenes, omega fats and amino acids.

Everything you need for a healthy diet.

Loveburgh Orange Dream

A familiar tasting orange Juice light with a hint of carrots, avocado, lemon, lime, and freshly ground turmeric.

This smooth tasty drink provides vitamins A, C, K, carotene, calcium and potassium, curcumin, natural hemp terpenes, omega fats and amino acids.

Loveburgh CBD Hemp Extracts Review

loveburgh cbd paste review

Loveburgh CBD offer a pure concentrated raw hemp extract available in refined and unrefined versions with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Loveburgh CBD hemp extracts and pastes are grown organically in Holland and use CO2 extraction to create the CBD rich hemp paste.

As mentioned, Loveburgh offer two forms of CBD hemp extract available to buy. The first is a proprietary CO2 extracted, full spectrum raw CBD paste with a concentration of 10%.

The second CBD hemp extract is Loveburgh’s refined gold paste, this CBD paste contains a massive 50% CBD content.

We loved the Hemp extracts which we found were great to offer fast acting relief both taken orally and rubbed into the body.

Remember though that this is highly concentrated, in particular, the gold version, so take small amounts.

Loveburgh Raw 10% CBD Paste

A strong tasting CBD paste with a high strength of 1000 mg. We found it worked as a fantastic ointment on sore aching parts of the body too.

It contains 50 servings with Trace levels CBG, Omega 3+6 and plant Terpenes also.

Loveburgh Gold 50% CBD paste

This product is the gold standard in hemp extracts and is incredibly potent with 1500 mg of CBD. We found it ideal for under the tongue and as a lotion to target sore joints and muscles.

This CBD paste contains 50 servings with trace levels CBG, omega 3+6 and Plant Terpenes.

Loveburgh Hemp Protein and Powders Review

loveburgh hemp protein review

Loveburgh hemp protein and powders are locally produced and highly sustainable.

The hemp protein and powders deliver a complete plant protein rich in omega 3, contains over 20 BCAA’s and 20% fibre.

Loveburgh hemp protein and powders come in two flavours to chose between, raw and strawberry with added green tea extract.

This range of hemp protein is a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians who are wanting to achieve maximum performance and a high protein diet.

We finished our workout by adding one of the best protein supplements in the world to our fruit smoothies.

Our favourite flavour was strawberry, however a few of the team did prefer the raw flavour as they felt it was more versatile.

What Makes Loveburgh CBD Unique?

What we love about Loveburgh is that there are NO compromises in terms of quality.

This is because the man behind the company believes in the hemp plant so much and knows it must be as natural as nature intended to be fully effective.

This philosophy can be seen in the range of Loveburgh CBD products:

  • Organic
  • Lab Certified
  • Infused with other wholesome ingredients.
  • Wide variety of products

Organic – Loveburgh has its own farm in Holland where they use a strict organic process using no artificial enhancers such as pesticides or herbicides.

Lab Certified – Each batch is tested by a 3rd party lab to ensure only the highest quality product is available.

Nutrient Infusion – So many of their products are infused with either natural plant-based terpenes or fruits and vegs, Tumeric, and on and on.

Product Variety – Choose between oils, e-liquids, juices, teas, powders and pastes.

So many great reasons why Loveburgh is certainly one of the best CBD brands that we have come across over the years.

The only question now is where can you buy it?

Where Can I Buy Loveburgh CBD?

Loveburgh has taken the world by storm and is now available in health stores throughout the UK and Holland. It’s also now available to buy on CBD Village.

Loveburgh Highlights:

  • Organically Grown.
  • Range Of CBD Strengths To Choose Between Ranging From 25mg To 2000mg.
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested.
  • No Pesticides, Herbicides Or Artificial Fertilisers Used.
  • Infused With Natural Ingredients.
  • Wide Variety Of Products.


Loveburgh is a CBD company that is sure to not only be prominent in the UK and Europe but spread its wings farther afield.

Loveburgh control every aspect from seed to shelf and is 3rd party lab tested for quality and contents you can be assured of the highest quality premium CBD every time.

We love Loveburgh and we are certain you will too.