How CBD Can Help Your Hypertension 

How CBD Can Help Your Hypertension

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Just as the name suggests, Hypertension is a stressful and high-pressure long-term cardiovascular condition. Whilst high blood pressure is often just temporary, hypertension occurs when it lasts for a sustained period of the time. The human body is unable to cope well with long-term elevated blood pressure due to the strain it places on the internal organs, and therefore sufferers are at high risk of developing other serious conditions including stroke, heart failure, heart disease, dementia, kidney disease and sight loss. It’s easy to see, therefore, why sufferers are keen to treat and combat Hypertension as quickly and effectively as possible.

High blood pressure is where your blood pumps around your arteries and veins at a rate higher than usual. When this occurs temporarily, there are usually no symptoms and you won’t feel any different. However, when the pressure is elevated for a sustained period of time, complications and risks often happen. The causes of Hypertension can be either primary; where the pressure is a consequence of lifestyle or genetic circumstances; or secondary; where the pressure is a result of another medical issue or medication. It could occur to anyone, at any time.

CBD and Your Blood Pressure

Treatments for Hypertension can include invasive and even surgical procedures on the heart, as well as heavy-duty pharmaceutical interventions. These are often quite intense medicines for individuals to take, and can result in a whole host of side effects, depending on the patient. It’s no surprise that many of those suffering from Hypertension are keen to try out natural, non-invasive and alternative therapies to help alleviate the symptoms and risks of their condition. CBD for Hypertension treatment is being researched into and lots of individuals are experimenting with it as part of their condition management system. There is also mounting evidence of CBD working for concussion.
Research findings thus far indicate that CBD acts as a vasodilator, targeting the heart directly and expanding (to a safe level) the arteries feeding into it. This allows blood to flow freely without exerting as much pressure on the organ as it would experience with smaller channels. This is not the case when CBD is smoked, however, as other ingredients and by-products of the smoke itself can negate these effects on the heart. CBD as a Hypertension treatment therefore needs to be taken orally.

CBD and Stress

Another issue that many with Hypertension suffer from is stress, as the unknown nature of the complications the condition can present can be scary. CBD is well known as a relaxant and may help ease anxieties and worries mentally, but without the psychoactive effects that are related to other ingredients within cannabis. Less stress can in turn lead to the lowering of blood pressure.
CBD may not ‘cure’ Hypertension but studies show that it can help reduce the pressure on arteries and veins; and many sufferers do find it beneficial. If you do suffer with Hypertension, consult with your medical practitioners and discuss CBD as a treatment option. You could find your stress and blood pressure lowers as a result!

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Justice Bugatti
Justice Bugatti
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