Does CBD Oil Work as an Anti-Aging Cream? 

Does CBD Oil Work as an Anti-Aging Cream?

We’ve all heard (probably) about the benefits of CBD oil for our health and as a pain reliever but what about the aging process? Can CBD oil be used to stop wrinkles developing or even better, can it reverse the signs of ageing that we already have? CBD oil can be of immense benefit to us as we age, not only does it help heart health, provide vital nutrients and keep our brains healthy.

The outward signs of aging can be very distressing to us in an increasingly visual society, where plastic surgery and Botox are more common than ever. Social media, the beauty industry, magazines and television all favour and promote youth, often to the detriment of the ageing population.

We are always on the lookout for less expensive, less invasive ways to curb the aging process, anti-wrinkle creams have been in favor for years as an alternative to surgery or Botox. What we haven’t realized is that CBD oil skincare products could be the answer to the youthful, healthy skin we all desire.

How can CBD help our skin?

It has been claimed that CBD is a powerful antioxidant which helps reverse the aging process by minimising free-radicals and the harm they do to the skin. This is because free-radicals make collagen break down more quickly, which in turn causes the skin to sag. Antioxidants prevent this and therefore, keep the skin looking healthier and more youthful.  These antioxidants can also help alleviate the damage done by other things, including environmental factors: UV rays and pollution; or lifestyle factors: smoking, drinking, poor nutrition and a lack of skin care regime.

CBD also has moisturising properties and it is widely known that the drying out of the skin is a huge factor in the ageing process. Drier skin shows more wrinkles and fine lines. CBD, applied topically, helps the skin to produce vital oils to help retain its moisture and assists in providing a youthful glow.

Endocannabinoids are said to be responsible for the production of oil which has led to the growth of CBD use in moisturisers and skin oils. It even helps to treat serious medical skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are also helpful to make the skin more healthy looking and wrinkle free.

Have you ever heard of CBD Water?

Combining the use of CBD skincare products with a CBD oil to ingest can bring even more anti-ageing benefits. Stress is one of the main causes of ageing, tension makes the skin more prone to wrinkle and dry out. Cannabis or hemp seed oil can both be used to help the symptoms of stress. Lack of sleep is also a major cause of ageing skin, CBD oil is also claimed to reduce insomnia and its effects on the skin.
All the evidence is there to prove that yes CBD oil can work as an anti-ageing cream and more!

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Justice Bugatti
Justice Bugatti
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