Are CBD Oil Pills Better Than Oil?

CBD Pills or Oil

CBD Oil Pills

It seems like we’re inundated these days with new and innovative ways to get our CBD oil. While too many options can often be irritating, for a whole host of tormented people this is actually great news. Whether they are dealing with the adversity of sleep disorders, painful inflammation, low appetites or even high blood sugar there is now a growing, affordable, and effective treatment option.

Initially delivered in little bottles, this oil is now being packaged into capsules. They are made of gelatin and hold the oil inside. These are available across the USA and more than 30 countries across the globe. Read on to discover which is better between direct CBD oil tincture or CBD oil pills.

Features of the Capsules

CBD oil is administered in a variety of ways. Some people consume it in form of a tincture, vape oil, and now capsules. Out of all these delivery methods, the CBD oil capsules are the most popular. They are convenient, discreet, and easily accessible.

You can pick them up and take them with you wherever you desire. Ingested orally, these capsules can still quickly deliver the oil into your system.


One of the factors that govern consumption of CBD oil in capsule form is the bioavailability. For this type of consumption, the capsules have a bioavailability of between 6% and 15%. As such, your body will absorb between 6mg and 15mg of the CBD upon ingesting 100mg of the capsules.

As such, a special form of dosage is required to gain the full benefits of the oil from this type of consumption. Consequently, the dosage for each type of ailment is different. Therefore, it is important to find out the right serving size of CBD oil capsules for your specific ailment.

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Is it better than CBD oil tinctures?

This is the raging debate between enthusiasts of CBD oil products and the patients who use them. Some people wonder which between the two is the better method of delivery. On one hand, the tincture gets absorbed very quickly.

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Placed under the tongue, it is absorbed into the body in 15 to 30 minutes. As such, it is very potent and gives quick results. On the other hand, the CBD oil capsules are made of a full spectrum solution encased in gelatin.

While the delivery rate is much slower, the consumer is able to benefit from the highest quality CBD oil.


CBD oil has been widely accepted as a holistic solution for various ailments and conditions. It can be consumed in various forms such as tinctures and capsules. The comparison above shows that the tincture provides potency while the capsules deliver convenience.

This is the fundamental difference between the two administration methods. With this in mind, you can pick a method of delivery depending on your personal preference.

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