10 Best Places To Buy CBD Flower In The UK 2019


Best CBD Flower UK 2019

CBD flower is becoming more and more popular in the UK as a fast and highly effective method of getting CBD into your body’s endocannabinoid system.

In this article, we look at the primary reasons why CBD flower is a fantastic choice and also provide you with the 10 best places to buy CBD buds and CBD flowers online.

Should You Buy CBD Flower?

CBD oil is all the rage, infused into everything from CBD capsules to CBD drops to CBD edibles, and even CBD infused drinks. With all the attention on CBD oil, it can be easily forgotten that without CBD flower there would be no CBD oil.

When the cannabis (CBD rich) plant comes to maturity it produces CBD flowers which is where the vast majority of CBD oil is contained. (There is a small amount on the leaves and stems)


Fast-acting CBD

When CBD flower is vaped or smoked it is breathed into the lungs where it is quickly absorbed into circulation via pulmonary absorption.

For those who need immediate relief, vaping or smoking CBD flower is the fastest method of getting CBD to work.

CBD Flower Offers High Bio-availability

All vitamins and minerals and CBD included have varying percentages of bioavailability. This is the amount absorbed that enters the circulatory system as opposed to being removed from the body.

Vaping and smoking CBD flower has one of the highest rates of bioavailability (bar the intravenous method) at around 60-70%. Compare this to edibles which can be as low as 6% and you see how cost-effective CBD flower can be also.

CBD Flower Offers A Great Tasting Experience

One thing that hits you before the actual effects of CBD, is the taste. CBD flower is natural and as such will contain all of nature’s natural terpenes which offer immense flavour and taste.

With so many different strains containing so many different terpenes, you can have a unique taste experience every time.

Extensive CBD Flower Product Range

Those familiar with THC rich cannabis strains legally available in the Netherlands, America, Canada etc will be aware of the numerous range of strains available.

Each with its own unique make-up of phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids, all combining to give you different effects.

Just like THC-rich flower, CBD flower comes in AK47, lemon haze, Amnezia, skunk, as well as all the other famous strains, which can be purchased online.

Balance Out THC

Those who consume THC-rich cannabis are encouraged to combine CBD flower with their THC-rich flower as it has been shown to reduce the negative effects that may come from the high associated with THC-rich flower.

By combining both flowers you get a more balanced effect and in a time when growers are focused on THC high strains, it is well advised to mix CBD flowers to balance out the effect.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Some CBD oils on the market will be just that, CBD, they will not contain all the other compounds that work together synergistically in what is known as the entourage effect.

Some others still, known as broad-spectrum oils will contain all the compounds bar THC, again not utilising the full power of the plant.

THC is the intoxicating compound and although only present in negligible amounts in the CBD flower it is nonetheless invaluable.

CBD flower will contain everything that nature intended and next, we look at the 10 best places in the UK online market to purchase full-spectrum CBD flower.

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Best Places To Buy CBD Flower In The UK

#1 Uncle Herb

Uncle herb is one of the UK leading online cannabis flower shops. They have 8 CBD flower strains to choose from ranging from 15% CBD to 20% CBD.
They also sell oils and creams and even offer wholesale service.

Free orders over £55. Discreet packaging.

#2 Ice Head Shop

The ice headshop UK has been online for over 10 years and offer a huge array of CBD flower in a variety of flavours and strengths.
They also offer a points rewards system so you can save on future shops.

Free deliveries on orders over £25 with prices starting at £8

#3 The CBD Hub UK

The CBD Hub UK is one of the UK’s most trusted brands when it comes to high quality CBD flower and has a wide range of EU approved hemp varieties.

Fast discreet shipping means you will have quality, tasty, potent CBD flower at your door fast so you can benefit from the therapeutic potential of CBD.

#4 The Brain Box

Based out of Swansea, the brain box has one of the widest varieties of CBD products including CBD Cheese V2 which contains a whopping 22% CBD and CBD strawberry which contains 18% CBD.

They even supply pre-rolled CBD joints containing 16% CBD in a variety of flavours.

Each batch of products has been lab-tested to ensure only the best CBD flower is available for dispatch.

Prices start at £9 or as low as £6 for pre-rolled CBD joints.

#5 Mr Ohm Shop

Mr OHM shop has a huge variety of CBD flowers ranging from 7% to 14% CBD and available in numerous flavours including lemon, lime, raspberry, pineapple, etc.

They also sell pre-rolled CBD flower blunts and vaporizers.

Free first class signed delivery is available on orders over £35

Prices starting at £10

#6 CBD Hemp Weed

CBD hemp weed has a fantastic array of CBD flowers to choose from including White Widow, AK47, lemon haze, tropical haze, Carmel and more.
In fact, they have over 20 CBD flowers you can purchase from 6% CBD to an incredible 26% CBD

Prices start at £8

#7 Dope Buds

Dope Buds offer two types of flower, super skunk, and strawberry, both of which contain 18% CBD.

They also sell vaporizers along with CBD wax, CBD hash, and CBD crystals.

Prices start at £9.

#8 Hemp Elf

Hemp Elf have over 11 CBD flower strains to choose from along with a huge range of other CBD products including CBD hash and CBD crystals.

They even have a rewards program where you can collect points and use those points against a future purchase.

Prices start at £10

#9 CBD Hemp King

CBD Hemp King has 6 CBD flower varieties to choose from with a CBD content starting at 11% all the way up to 26% CBD.

Prices start at £12 with free shipping on all orders.

#10 Little Head Shop

Although The Little head shop does not sell CBD flower it does sell CBD flower SEEDS which can be purchased as souvenirs.

They also sell grinders, CBD powders, and CBD crystals which work really well together with CBD flower.

CBD Flower In The UK

When the cannabis plant comes to maturity it produces flowers commonly referred to as buds. These flowers have tiny hair-like resinous glands which contain CBD along with other phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

The majority of manufacturers, using different methods, extract CBD and the other compounds from the plant resulting in an oil.

CBD oil is of course incredibly popular but there are many benefits to using CBD flower instead, most notably in vaping, smoking and even juicing!

Can You Buy CBD Oil In Sweden?

CBD Flower Versus CBD E-Liquid

Vaping has become incredibly popular as an alternative to smoking and so too has vaping CBD e-liquid as a tastier alternative to CBD drops for example.

Vaping CBD e-liquid or CBD flower has been shown to have one of the highest rates of bio-availability meaning more CBD goes into your system compared to other methods of consuming CBD oil.

Although the ingredients in CBD e-liquid, propylene glycol (PG) & Vegetable glycerin (VG) are FDA approved food ingredients contained in all e-liquids, the debate as to the safety of these ingredients still rages on.

Anyone with doubts or concerns can always try the safer alternative of vaping CBD flower. Nothing added, just CBD flower.

Benefits Of Vaping CBD Flower

CBD flower contains terpenes and other phytocannabinoids that “activate” at different temperatures. Some activate at lower temperatures such as the terpene a-Pinene which activates at 311°F whereas other compounds require hotter temperatures.

With a vaporizer, you can vape CBD and control the temperature to the exact degree. This allows you to have the best possible experience of aromas and flavours

That said, some people prefer the more “traditional” method of consuming flower, that is by smoking it in a pipe, bong etc.

For those who enjoy CBD intoxicating cousin THC, research suggests mixing CBD flower together with THC rich flower may have additional benefits.

Vaping CBD in the UK

CBD Flower Mixed With THC Flower

Prior to recent times cannabis contained higher amounts of CBD, unfortunately there is a trend nowadays of growers producing cannabis flower which contains very high amounts of the intoxicating THC

THC has the very unfortunate negative effect of creating paranoia in some users but scientific research has shown that adding CBD flower to THC flower counteracts these negative effects.

In particular in the UK where skunk, the most common type of illegal cannabis available, contains a very high amount of THC. It would be in the best interests of both the consumer and the NHS for CBD flower to be readily available for those who choose THC dominant flower.

How To Vape CBD Flower

Vaping CBD flower is incredibly simple. First, you purchase an electronic vaporizer which can be handheld or desktop, ranging in price from £30 to £300. Then you add the CBD flower to the ‘oven’ of the vaporizer.

The CBD flower can then be heated to your chosen temperature precisely, activating the compounds , before the device cools the vapour which is then breathed in for fast effective relief.

No food ingredients, no waste, just CBD flower.

Full Spectrum CBD Flower

When manufactures produce CBD oil from CBD flower they often isolate the CBD compound. This is ideal for athletes who must not have any trace of THC but the downfall to this is that CBD isolate does not contain all the other phytocannabinoids , terpenoids, and flavonoids.

Others still will isolate the THC and leave the other compounds in what is known as a broad-spectrum CBD. Again this may be good for athletes who are tested but it is not as effective as full-spectrum CBD flower.

CBD flower, on‌ ‌the‌ ‌other‌ ‌hand, is full-spectrum and will contain all the plant’s compounds working together in what is known as the entourage effect.

What Is The Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect is the commonly accepted theory in the scientific community that the whole of the plant is greater than its parts.

It was originally hypothesised by eminent cannabis researcher Dr Raphael Mechoulam and gained further popularity by GW pharma researcher Dr Ethan Russo.

With CBD flower you can be assured you will receive the full entourage effect as CBD flower will contain all of the compounds of the plant working synergistically together.

Another way to enjoy the synergistic, holistic effect of CBD flower is in the form of a juice.

the endocannabinoid system

CBD Flower Juice

CBD flower for vaping and smoking is dried after being picked in a process known as decarboxylation which turns the compound CBDA into CBD.

If instead the flowers (including the leaves) are cold-pressed into a juice immediately after picking the decarboxylation process does not occur and instead, we receive additional rare compounds in greater amounts.

CBD flower juice will primarily contain CBDA which is showing great promise as an anticonvulsant, anti-nausea and anti-vomiting agent, as well as having analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is CBD Flower Popular?

CBD has become incredibly popular not least in the UK but around the world.

The 2019 EU CBD industry is said to be worth around £419m and is expected to increase to £1.7b by 2023, as such, businesses are vying for a piece of the market share.

CBD flower is not as popular as CBD oil and the many products derived from CBD oil for a couple of reasons. One is that in terms of use, CBD capsules, drops, balms, etc are a more recognisable, much easier method of getting CBD into the body.

Another reason for CBD flower not being more mainstream is the stigma associated with the flower that may not be there as much in other forms.

CBD Flower Stigma

In an age of cannabis acceptance due to its many medicinal benefits as well as an even greater acceptance of CBD, the flower is still stigmatised due to its association with the “stoner era”.

It takes time for 100 years of prohibition scars to fade and as such oils are more favourable than flowers as everyday folk are more inclined to use oils and are more familiar with oils such as aromatic oils.

Removal of the stigma attached to CBD flower can only come about through the sharing of the knowledge of its many potential medicinal uses.

Potential Benefits Of CBD Flower

CBD flower has been shown to have great medicinal potential including:

  • Anti-Anxiety Effects
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Analgesic Effects
  • Anti-Catabolic Effects
  • Anti-Seizure Effects

Where Can CBD Flower Be Purchased?

CBD flower is available online and in hemp shops around the UK. Unlike CBD oil it is rare to find CBD flower in pharmacies and health stores at the time of writing.
When purchasing CBD flower it is advised to only purchase from reputable stores who can provide a certificate of analysis showing the complete cannabinoid content so you can be assured that the CBD flower you are purchasing is exactly what it says on the label.

Types Of CBD Flower Available

CBD flower is available in a wide range of strains such as pineapple express, gorilla glue, AK47 etc, all of which offer a unique cannabinoid profile as well as unique aromas and flavours.

Not only that but just like CBD oil, CBD flower is available in a wide range of strengths, ideal for varied dosing.

Is CBD Flower Legal In The UK?

Is CBD hemp flower in the UK legal? The fact is due to ambiguity around current guidelines in the UK for the selling and consumption of CBD flower many are unsure of it’s legality. The only part of the hemp flower plant that is legal to use is the stem and the seeds, the flower bud is not legal in the UK.

With online stores continuing to sell CBD flower on a daily basis it is no wonder many UK consumers are confused when it comes to buying CBD flower.

The Future Of CBD Flower In The UK

Recently in June 2019, it was reported that a store in Preston became the first UK conviction for CBD flower sales. When buying CBD flower in the UK it’s important to research the current guidelines surrounding purchasing CBD flower.

CBD flower is set to become even more popular as more people explore CBD products. In particular, at a time when the UK has the highest rates of psychosis from consumption of THC high skunk in the EU.

CBD anti-psychosis affects will surely increase its attractability and popularity amongst THC users helping to ease the crisis.

For those who use CBD for its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, CBD flower is a fantastic method of getting CBD into your body quickly and efficiently as it gets to work faster than other methods available.