The Pros & Cons Of Taking CBD Capsules

The Pros and Cons of taking CBD Capsules

Encouraging research into the benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) has led it to fast becoming a staple part of health-conscious diets around the world.

Deciding to add CBD oil into your diet is the easy first step but choosing which product is right for you can be difficult, simply because of the vast array of CBD products available.

Today CBD, the non-intoxicating compound from the cannabis plant is infused into almost everything. From food and drinks to CBD lotions, CBD creams, CBD balms, your sure to find a CBD product that suits your needs. That being said, one CBD product remains one of the most popular choices among CBD users, and the old reliable CBD capsule.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of CBD capsules including why CBD capsules are a fantastic method of getting CBD oil into your diet but also why they may not be for everyone.

The Pros Of CBD Capsules

Precise CBD Dosing

CBD capsules are the most accurate form of CBD dosing available as each capsule contains precisely the amount of milligrams as per the label.

Best CBD Brands In The UK


Starting out you should choose a renowned high quality CBD brand, such as, CIBDOL who offer CBD capsules that contain as low as 6.4mg per capsule or the larger 16mg per capsule. Perfect for starting out on your CBD journey.


UK based CBD manufacturer Canavape brand ECS can cater to those looking for a higher dose as their capsules contain 25mg of CBD per capsule.

Fourfive CBD

Looking for something in the middle? Then choose FourFive CBD capsules which contain 10mg per capsule.

CBD Capsules Have Long-Lasting Effects

CBD capsules offer the longest-lasting effect all methods available due to its slow metabolism in the body which can provide you with up to 8 hours of CBD benefits.

This is ideal for those who use CBD for its anti-anxiety or anti-inflammatory effects for example and need CBD to last the full day, whether this is at work, college, or simply out and about.

CBD Capsules Are Tasteless

CBD oil is considered to have an earthy, nutty taste which is not for everyone. If you dislike the taste of CBD oil but know the importance of getting CBD into your diet then capsules are for you.

CBD oil is contained in a gelatine (animal protein) or vegetable capsules which are tasteless. There is no need to chew the capsule, you can simply swallow it with water and let your body do the rest.

Discretion – Capsules Can Be Taken Very Discreetly

CBD capsules offer arguably the greatest level of discretion from the majority of products that contain CBD oil.

CBD capsule containers have the same appearance as standard vitamin and mineral capsule containers available in health shops.

The capsules themselves look the same as a typical oval-shaped olive oil capsule and although they will vary in size, they are very similar to each other.

Convenience & Portability

A capsule can be taken quickly and easily at your desk, in the car, at home, anywhere in fact, all unnoticed.

Those who are a little more forgetful could fill a weekly capsule box with the exact quantity of capsules to fulfil their daily dosage requirements.

CBD Capsules Are Easy To Swallow

Each CBD capsule was designed in a small oval type shape to allow for easy swallowing. Capsules are the easiest method of consumption bar none. Simply take a capsule and swallow with some water.

CBD Capsules Have A Wide Choice Of Availability

CBD has been quickly embraced by people all over the world leading to continuous year on year growth of up to 99% in some markets.

This surge in popularity has led to a large varied range of capsules to choose from such as ECS capsules which contain 25mg of CBD as well as 5mg of another important non-intoxicating compound CBG (cannabigerol).

ECS Complex Capsules

Complex Capsules

Fourfive CBD capsules are the first CBD company to offer THC-free CBD oil capsules. THC is the intoxicating compound from the plant that the majority of CBD capsules contain but only in negligible, allowable amounts.

CBD capsules available in the UK have no intoxicating effects whatsoever but the very presence of this fascinating molecule currently warrants a ban for athletes as per the world anti doping agency (WADA) rules.*

*In 2018 CBD was removed from the banned substance list by WADA

Quality Guarantee

The CBD industry is at present a largely unregulated market and as such there will always be snake oil salesmen who will sell you oil that may not contain the level of CBD you paid for, if any at that.

For this reason, It is of the utmost importance that you only choose CBD oil capsules from manufacturers who can supply 3rd party independent lab testing analysis such as FourFive, Canavape, and Cibdol.

If the company you purchase from cannot supply you with a certificate of analysis then this should be a red flag immediately.

If it is too good to be true it probably is. – anon

CBD Capsule Cons

Low Bio-Availability

Every nutrient that we consume has a differing percentage of bioavailability, which is the amount of the nutrient/CBD that actually enters systemic circulation after it is metabolized in the liver.

Iron, for example, has a bioavailability of 14% meaning 86% of what was consumed is released from the body. CBD in capsule form is somewhat similar at anywhere between 6-20% bioavailabiltiy.

Taking CBD capsules together with lipids (butter, veg oil etc) has been shown in an animal model study to increase bioavailability two or even three-fold!

If this were the case for humans then mealtimes, when fat is present, would be the best time to take CBD capsules.

Swallowing Suitability

The majority of people will find swallowing CBD capsules ideal and very straight forward but for those who have difficulty in swallowing it may not suit.

Often our elders and in particular those in recovery from operations etc may not have the ability to swallow capsules and as such other methods such as CBD balms, CBD lotions or CBD suppositories may work better.

Conclusion – Pros & Cons To CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a convenient and easy way of getting CBD oil into our diet.

If possible take them with lipids which may increase bioavailability.

CBD capsules are a great way of getting more conservative people taking CBD as capsules are recognisable and easy to use.

CBD capsules are sure to go from strength to strength in more ways than one as CBD continues to transform the world.


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