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Cibdol CBD Creams Review 2019

As CBD beauty becomes more and more mainstream, many companies are looking to cash in on this new skincare trend by confusing customers with mislabeling and misrepresenting ingredients in their products.

Many skincare products marketed as ‘CBD skincare’ actually only contain cannabis sativa seed oil, which although a wonderful moisturizing ingredient in its own right, doesn’t actually contain any CBD.

Enter Cibdol: the Swiss CBD giants who have developed an amazing range of CBD-infused skin creams for fighting stubborn conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Who Are Cibdol?

Cibdol are a Swiss-based company that produces a diverse range of products formulated with high-quality, 100% natural cannabidiol oil. All Cibdol products, including Cibdol CBD softgel capsules are formulated with CBD oil made from prime European hemp and are 3rd party tested for quality and consistency before making it to your bathroom cupboard.

As well as CBD, Cibdol’s skin creams are packed full of active plant botanical oils which gives them a strong herbal scent. This is a purely natural scent without any added perfume so they shouldn’t pose any problems for people with sensitive skin types, however it is something to keep in mind if you’re not a fan of strong scents.

All of Cibdol’s skin salves are formulated with 200mg of CBD for the effective topical treatment of irritated skin conditions. To keep your CBD cream working as effectively as possible for longer, Cibdol recommend storing their skin salves at a temperature between 15-25°C.

Read on for our breakdown of Cibdol’s amazing CBD skincare range.

Cibdol Soridol CBD Psoriasis Cream – 50ml

Psoriasis is an autoimmune inflammatory condition, which speeds up the typical life cycle of skin cells. Instead of shedding off naturally, psoriasis causes skin cells to rapidly build up on top of each other causing patches of scaly, red dry skin which can be quite painful. Psoriasis is a chronic condition which is often triggered by things like stress and cold, dry weather.

Since psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, it’s considerably harder to treat than other skin conditions that are affected solely by external, environmental factors. Cibdol Soridol CBD cream for psoriasis works to shorten the lifespan of psoriasis flare-ups through its unique liposomal formula, which effectively penetrate active ingredients into the skin for fast-acting relief.

Soridol CBD cream also contains skin-nourishing ingredients like panthenol, which promotes faster healing and damaged skin cells from trauma caused by itching. Panthenol also reduces transepidermal water loss, keeping the skin supple and moisturised.

With enriched plant oils like apricot seed oil, which is packed with vitamins A, C and E to keep skin nourished and healthy. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties to promote faster skin healing from psoriasis break-outs.

Cibdol Zemadol CBD Eczema Cream – 50ml

Eczema is a type of atopic dermatitis that results in itchy, scaly, red and inflamed patches of skin flaring up all over the body. It is slightly different to psoriasis as it is triggered by external environmental factors like dust, harsh detergents and allergic reactions. Chronic cases of eczema can result in damaged skin and bleeding from persistent scratching, with the possibility of skin scarring afterwards.

Cibdol Zemadol CBD cream is full of active plant botanicals to moisturize the skin, and is specially formulated with colloidal oatmeal to soothe eczema flare-ups and calm irritated skin. Colloidal oatmeal works to help treat eczema as it contains antifungal properties called avenacins compounds, as well as being rich in vitamin E to calm itchy, irritated skin.

Cibdol’s Zemadol CBD eczema cream also contains glycerin, which is one of the most effective emollient ingredients for keeping skin plump and moisturised. Glycerin works as a humectant, which means it hydrates by drawing moisture out of the air and into the skin while also preventing moisture from evaporating out of the skin.

Zemadol CBD cream for eczema also has a fast-acting liposomal formula for quickly replenishing moisture, and effectively providing rapid relief from itching and irritation.

Cibdol Aczedol CBD Acne Cream – 50ml

Cibdol’s Aczedol Acne CBD cream is packed full of acne-fighting ingredients to help balance the skin and prevent further breakouts.

As well as CBD, Cibdol Aczedol CBD cream contains niacinamide, a water-soluble vitamin that works to balance out uneven skin tone from acne scarring and brighten the overall appearance of your skin. Niacinamide can also help to visibly reduce the appearance of large pores, while maintaining moisture levels in the skin to prevent against further breakouts.

Many acne flare-ups are actually triggered by dehydration, which causes your skin to over-produce more oil to lubricate itself. Azcedol CBD cream for acne contains squalane, a plant oil that is remarkably similar to the oil our own skin naturally produces. By replicating the skin’s natural moisture, squalane helps to keep your skin hydrated and balanced to prevent future break-outs.

Aczedol CBD acne cream also contains lactic acid, which works to slough away dead skin cells that may otherwise clog your pores and lead to break-outs. As a gentle chemical exfoliant, over time lactic acid can help to brighten a dull complexion and improve discoloration that often accompanies an irritated acne flare-up.

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