How To Tell If Your CBD Is Ethical

How To Tell If Your CBD Is Ethical

There is a popular leftist adage that goes. ‘There is no ethical consumption under late-stage capitalism.’ This is what is a known as an appeal to futility and isn’t useful for anyone other than leftwing LARPers who don’t want to […]
CBD Frequent Asked Questions

6 FAQ about CBD

There are various issues that need be clarified about Cannabidiol (CBD) since it is sourced from cannabis, which is outlawed in most states. In recent times, CBD has been widely embraced as a treatment for certain illnesses without bringing about […]

What Is Hemp Seed Oil?

There has been a lot of interest in the products of the hemp plant lately. CBD or cannabidiol is extracted from the flower heads for medicine. The stem fibres have been used for millennia, and have experienced a resurgence in […]

Is THC Weed?

Out there in the big bad world, things can be a little tricky. With so much information, misinformation, fake news, real news, news news, and breaking news clouding up every topic it can be difficult to discern the signal from […]
Does Pure CBD Oil Contain Any THC?

Does Pure CBD Oil Contain Any THC?

An Important Question to Ask CBD and THC have a lot in common; they’re both all natural, they’re both acronyms, and they’re both a type of chemical known as cannabinoids. This special type of chemical is unique in its ability […]
Pure Natural CBD Oil

Natural CBD Oil: How To Spot The Difference

Natural CBD Oil – The Difference Between Pure And Knock Off The pure natural CBD oil offers various health benefits and is known to treat or cure certain ailments, however low- grade or knock off CBD oil is sure to […]
What Does CBD Actually Stand For

What Does CBD Stand For?

The ABC Of CBD CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol. This substance is named after the plant it comes from, Cannabis sativa, as first described to science by the eminent Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in 1753, and known to Central […]
What is CBD Oil

What Is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil? Chemistry CBD is short for cannabidiol. This is a lipid. Lipids are one of the four main building blocks of all living things, along with carbohydrates, nucleic acids and proteins. CBD oil has built up a […]