How to use a dab pen

How to Use a Dab Pen

A dab pen is a mobile vape system that corrects the various shortcomings of cartridges. This makes it ideal for somebody searching for… Portability. Simplicity. Increased control over their vaping experience. A standard vape pen is produced for compatibility with […]

How to Unstick an Arizer Extreme Q Cyclone bowl

Sometimes, I’ve found that the Cylone bowl of my Arizer Extreme Q tends to get stuck to my Extreme Q base. If you’re currently having this problem, then try some of my solutions listed below. Since the Extreme Q is […]
Lost Vape Orion

Lost Vape Orion Review

Product Introduction Last year, Lost Vape’s Orion GO was one of the most popular pod vapes in the marketplace. This year, the manufacturer has released a further edition to their pod vape line named the Orion Quest (Orion Q). It’s […]
Vaping Concentrates

Vaping Concentrates On The Go With The Ascent Oil Jar

With its monstrous vapor production and reasonable battery life, my DaVinci Ascent is one of my favorite portable vaporizers and is my current go to vape for when I’m on the go! Because concentrates can be very sticky (and clog up the […]
Gentleman's Brand Ambassador Kit

Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Kit Review

After expressing an interest in vape pens (having previously reviewed the MCig) before, I was excited when I obtained a Gentleman’s Brand Ambassador Kit V3. My kit came with the following items: Mega V2 Oil Cartridge Dry Herb Cartridge Espionage Pen Battery Double Agent […]
Davinci Ascent

Update On My DaVinci Ascent Problems

As some of my regular CBD Village readers know, the DaVinci Ascent (see my account) is hands down my favorite portable vaporizer for its portability, digital temperature gauge, the Ascent is easy to clean and all-glass vapor path (as well […]
Cannabis Strains

Vaping Different Grades Of Cannabis: A Primer

When using a dry herb vaporizer, it’s important to remember that the type of bud you decide to use has a huge impact on the flavour, intensity, and duration of your buzz. Oftentimes, I’ve had people write to me complaining […]
Phoenician 4 Piece Grinder Review (2)

Phoenician 4 Piece Grinder Review (Large)

Although most people are concerned with finding the best vaporizer for their needs, I find that grinders are one aspect of the cannabis vaping experience which tend to go overlooked, and most people settle on something which isn’t durable or can’t […]
Smooth Vaporizer Hits

Eliminate Vaporizer Smells With A HEPA Filter

One misconception people tend to have about cannabis vaporizers is that they produce no smell. Although cannabis e-liquids don’t have any smell, regular herbal vapes gives off a fairly strong smell of fresh bud which soon transitions to an aroma […]
Blackout X Vape Pen

Blackout X Vape Pen Review

Not too long ago, I received a couple of Blackout X vape pens to review here on CBD Village. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Blackout X is a disposable e-cigarette style vaporizer designed for use […]