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Is Hemp Plastic The Future of Packaging?

Can Hemp replace plastics? Plastic is bad. It’s clogging the oceans, killing fish, and, generally, making us all have a bad time. Numerous solutions to this global problem have been put in place, some are effective, while others are fairly […]

ICC International Cannabis To Release CBD Products Under Thalia Sodi’s Name

Vancouver Based Company Looking To Capture Market Share In Spain If you don’t recognize the name Thalia Sodi, don’t worry, you’re not alone. But what might surprise you is that she is one of the most successful Mexican singers and […]

International Companies Set Sights On Japan’s Growing CBD Market

CBD Looking To Make It Big In Japan Japanese officials have approved the CBD brand Epidiolex, marking the first time such products have been approved by the Japanese government.   Japanese Officials Approve Epidiolex For Clinical Trials The trials, to […]
Does Recent Regulation Indicate Growing Medical Recognition of CBD

Does Recent Regulation Indicate Growing Recognition of CBD?

What Do Recent Policy Changes Tell Us About The Legal Status of CBD? Both sides of the Atlantic have seen an apparent softening in stance towards the sale of CBD products with long-delayed research contributing to that decision. CBD Oil […]
Could New EU Rules Derail UK CBD Market

Could New EU Rules Derail UK CBD Market Just As It’s Set To Take Off In The US?

Is CBD In The UK Under Threat? A change by the European Union in the classification of food products containing cannabidiol (CBD) is being challenged by a UK legal partnership. Industry chiefs are concerned that the regulation could negatively impact […]
CBD Village Goes to Spannabis in Barcelona 2019

CBD Village Goes To Spannabis in Barcelona 2019

CBD Village Goes To Europe’s Premier Cannabis Event Spannabis 2019 took place in Barcelona over the weekend and CBD Village UK was there to check it out. We visited Europe’s premier cannabis event so we could keep you up to […]

CVS Stores Defying DEA & Selling CBD Products In 8 States

CVS Defies The DEA CVS, America’s largest retail pharmacy decided this week to continue selling CBD products in 8 states. The move comes despite the fact that the United States drug enforcement agency (DEA) still consider CBD an illegal Schedule […]

High Growth Forecast For CBD Skincare Market

CBD-Infused Skincare Market Looks Set To Grow Rapidly According to leading market intelligence and consulting firm, FMI, the CBD skin care market value is expected to expand at a CAGR of over 33% through 2027. The report, published by Future […]
CBD infused jelly beans

Jelly Belly Creator Releases CBD-Infused Jelly Beans

CBD-Infused Jelly Beans Have Arrived! There is a new jelly bean in town. A CBD sugary treat. David Klein, often credited with creating the famous Jelly Belly candy in 1976 has created a CBD-infused jelly bean and he thinks it’s […]

Former Uber Chief Looks To Build Cross-Europe CBD Business

EMMAC Is Attempting To Create It’s Own Market Antonio Costanzo, the former Head of Public Policy and Government Relations at Uber is taking a punt on CBD. Costanzo, now CEO at London-based EMMAC Life Sciences Ltd. told Bloomberg his company […]