CBD & Tattoos - Can CBD Help Tattoos Heal Better

CBD And Tattoo Pain – Can CBD Actually Help?

Does CBD Make Getting A Tattoo Less Painful? Tattoo enthusiast David Reilly is curious about whether CBD’s renowned benefits would help with the downside to body art – namely swelling, inflammation, pain, skin irritation and allergies. His experience suggests a […]
CBD & Cool Mom Syndrome

CBD & Cool Mom Syndrome

Your Favourite Moms Are Entering The CBD Oil World Or Milfs. If you’re crude. Or of a certain decade. I’m not going to spell out the acronym. Gwnyeth Paltrow, love her or hate her represents a certain kind of chic, […]

The World’s Most Incredible Holistic Spa Breaks Of 2019

Fancy A CBD Spa Holiday At A Luxury Hotel? Looking to get away from it all and relax and unwind? If you want to chill out maybe a relaxing CBD infused spa break could be your go-to. Holidays are all […]

Is This Luxury Cannabis Brand The Hermès of CBD?

Are Beboe The Hermès Of CBD? It was only a matter of time before something with a real sense of class touched down in the CBD world. Increasingly, as CBD moves further and further into the spotlight, it will naturally […]

These CBD-Infused Perfumes & Candles Set To Become The Scent Of 2019

CBD Fragrance Has Arrived. SCENTSATIONAL! It’s 2019 and the legalisation of cannabis continues to be a major talking point across the globe. Canada recently legalised the recreational use of cannabis with many states in the United States following suit, most […]
CBD Hemp Cosmetics

High Growth Forecast For CBD Skincare Market

CBD-Infused Skincare Market Looks Set To Grow Rapidly According to leading market intelligence and consulting firm, FMI, the CBD skin care market value is expected to expand at a CAGR of over 33% through 2027. The report, published by Future […]
Meghan Markle & CBD

Who’s The Female CBD Trailblazer That’s Caught Meghan Markle’s Eye?

Meghan’s Go-To Elixir Girl! On International Women’s day we decided to reach out to Sasha Sabapathy, uber cool it-girl about London town and owner of Glow Bar – a wellness company for women. Wellness Destination Glow Bar which takes over […]
CBD for Men

CBD: What’s In It For Men?

Man’s New Best Friend? CBD has most definitely caught the attention in recent times. The hemp derived compound has got high-profile endorsements from the worlds of fashion and celebrity, but what’s the appeal for menfolk whose imaginations have not been […]
Gwyneth Paltrow & CBD

CBD Bath Bombs & Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Enters Billion-Dollar CBD Industry Have you been gooped? Are you subscribed to the meticulously curated destination of all things clean beauty, fashion and shiny homes? Goop is Gwyneth Paltrow’s modern lifestyle brand. Gwynnie and her brand are […]
Is CBD the Hottest Male Grooming Trend of 2019?

Is CBD the Hottest Male Grooming Trend of 2019?

Let’s hear it for the boys There is an unexpected surge in CBD grooming products for men. Men by nature are not easily swayed by trends or hype. So why the upsurge? Is it because it is now more accessible?- […]