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Vaping is a trend that has been expanding the world over. It’s used to quit or to cut down on smoking, to self-medicate, for aromatherapy, and to use CBD. Here’s where you’ll find up-to-date and accurate articles about CBD vape oil and how it is being applied to holistic healthcare and wellbeing.

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Advanced Cannabis E-Liquid Guide

Advanced Cannabis E-Liquid Guide I’ve written guides on how to make cannabis and CBD e-liquids on CBD Village which have received a ton of attention and lots of e-mails. However, I’ve recently discovered a new method which produces some incredibly […]
The Ultimate Guide To Already Been Vaped (ABV) Cannabis

The Ultimate Guide To Already Been Vaped (ABV) Cannabis

One of my favorite things about vaporizers is how they allow you to reuse cannabis which has already been vaped (ABV) in a number of creative ways. I’ve written several previous guides here on VaporBlog on how to use ABV, and thanks to […]
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Why I Use Rebuildable Atomizers For Vaping Cannabis E-Liquids

Over the past few years, cannabis vaporization has exploded in popularity, enjoyed by numerous celebrities (even fictional ones!) as well as acknowledged by doctors as being a safer alternative to combustion. When I started my vaping career in 2009, almost all the major cannabis vaporizers […]
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Guide To Making Cannabis E-Liquid From Vaporizer Hash

Probably one of my favourite things about using a vaporizer is how efficient they are in comparison to other smoking methods. One of the benefits of this is that you can save up your already been vaped (ABV) cannabis and […]
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Guide To Making The Ultimate Cannabis E-Liquid (Updated)

March 2019 Note: This guide is the simple version, there is an advanced method I’ve outlined in my post here. The latest guide results in an even more potent product so I highly recommend giving it a go once you’ve […]
How to Make Cannaoil With ABV

How to Make Cannaoil With ABV

After using a vaporizer for a few weeks (or months), you should have quite a bit of already been vaped (ABV) bud leftover (providing you’ve decided to save it!). One popular thing to do with ABV is to make cannaoil, […]