Planet of the Vapes ONE – Review

The Planet of the Vapes ONE vaporizer should look familiar to vape lovers because it is a badge-engineered version of the Fury 2. This means that it has been licensed, and tweaked, with the manufacturer adding their own spin to […]
Vaping CBD in the UK What You Need To Know

Five Simple Fixes to Common Vape Problems

Vaping can be a frustration…sometimes Vaping can be a fun, sociable, and enjoyable experience, but sometimes things don’t go to plan. Chances are if you vape regularly you have probably had a problem or two with your device. It is […]
CBD & Tattoos - Can CBD Help Tattoos Heal Better

CBD And Tattoo Pain – Can CBD Actually Help?

Does CBD Make Getting A Tattoo Less Painful? Tattoo enthusiast David Reilly is curious about whether CBD’s renowned benefits would help with the downside to body art – namely swelling, inflammation, pain, skin irritation and allergies. His experience suggests a […]
New CBD Infused-Gin Launches In The UK

New CBD Infused-Gin Launches In The UK

Muhu Becomes The UK’s Latest CBD-Infused Gin Created by Sally Wynter on a shoestring budget of just £1,300, Muhu becomes the latest CBD-infused gin to hit the UK market. Both the CBD industry and gin industry have seen explosive growth […]
CBD Coffee Shop Opens In The UK (1)

New CBD Coffee Shop Opens In Leicester

Cannabis Coffee Shop Opens In The UK A new coffee shop recently opened it’s doors in Leicester city, but this one serves much more than your usual flat white or double espresso. MedEx CBD is an upmarket, quirky CBD infused […]
Top CBD Oil Stocks To Watch Now

Top CBD Oil Stocks To Watch Now

CBD Oil Stocks To Watch In 2019 The CBD oil industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In January, the National Institute of Cannabis Investors reported that 2019 would be the biggest year for CBD so far. However, […]
Best CBD Balms in UK

The 5 Best CBD Balms To Buy In The UK

Best CBD Balms To Buy In 2020 – CBD Oil UK Review Skin, the largest organ in the human body is our first line of defence against the outside world. Each day we are subjected to extremes of hot and […]
CBD Flower

The Beginners Guide To CBD Flower

Beginners Guide To CBD Flower While cannabis flowers may not be your cup of tea due to the fact that for some it may increase paranoia or anxiety, others find that it’s a good thing. Some believe that a great […]
Arima CBD Review

Arima CBD Oil UK Review

Arima CBD Oil Review Who Are Arima CBD UK? Arima CBD UK are a CBD company based in the UK who distribute a wide range of full-spectrum CBD products including CBD balms, CBD drops, CBD capsules and CBD e-liquids. Arima […]
how to read CBD labels

Understanding CBD Content In CBD Products

CBD Oil UK Guide Sure, you know what CBD oil is used for – but with so many different options of CBD products, CBD strengths, and CBD brands, how do you make the best informed choice? Read on for our […]