Does CBD Show Up in a Drug Test

Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

Will Using CBD Make You Fail A Drugs Test? It’s an unfortunate fact of today’s modern workplaces that drug tests can actually be a routine thing. Whether you’re working in an office for a multinational conglomerate or selling out arenas […]
Best Way To Take CBD Oil

4 Best Ways to Take CBD

What Is The Best Way To Take CBD? CBD is quickly becoming the the most popular health supplement on the market; however, at times it can be difficult to know what the best way to take CBD really is. Unlike […]
What is Hemp Oil

What Is Hemp Oil?

The Origin Of Hemp Oil Hemp, or Cannabis sativa, is a plant native to central Asia, ranging in the wild from Northern India and Nepal to eastern Turkey. It has been cultivated for its strong fibres, edible seeds, and medicinal […]
Where to Buy CBD OIl

In Which Countries Can You Buy CBD Oil?

Is CBD Legal In Your Country? Today the world is in flux, more and more people want to buy CBD oil in the UK as CBD goes mainstream. But governments and laws are unfortunately a little slow on the uptake. […]
How to Spot Pure CBD Oil

How To Spot Pure CBD Oil

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is an organic molecule. Organic, in this sense, means that a chemical is carbon-based, and has been produced by a living organism- in this case, a plant – Cannabis sativa. CBD exists in plant form and […]
What is CBD Oil And Why You Should Use It

Learn About Cannabidiol (CBD Oil)

What Is CBD Oil? CBD or Cannabidiol is produced by the plant Cannabis sativa, or hemp. Along with the other components of cannabis oil, it is produced through photosynthesis – the breakdown of carbon dioxide and water, using only energy […]
CBD Water

What Is CBD Water?

CBD Water Has Arrived CBD water is a new product to have come on to the UK market in recent months. There are a number of UK brands offering both plain water with CBD and some flavoured with terpenes. What […]
How to use CBD Hemp Oil Properly

How To Use CBD/Hemp Oil Properly

CBD & Hemp Oil Hemp oil is an oil extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plant has a natural distribution across central Asia from the eastern Mediterranean region, across Western Asia and into Pakistan, Nepal and Northern India. CBD […]
What is CBD Oil And Why You Should Use It

Is Organic CBD Oil a Thing? Everything You Need To Know

CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is a completely natural compound found and extracted from hemp plants. It’s a botanical concentrate that’s taken from the stalk and seeds of marijuana plants and providing that the plant has been grown and nurtured organically, the […]