420 and CBD

420 Celebrations and CBD

Try CBD this 420 ‘420’ is a worldwide annual gathering of herb enthusiasts. Yet for those of us who do not like the psychoactive effects of ‘THC’, but still want to hang out, we have the option of choosing the […]
Best CBD Oil Brands UK

The 10 Best CBD Oil UK Brands In The UK

Best CBD Oil UK Products To Buy In 2020 The CBD scene is booming! We can all now enjoy the very best CBD oils and tinctures that have ever been available in the UK. Of course, the flipside of this […]
Is Hemp Plastic The Future of Packaging?

Is Hemp Plastic The Future of Packaging?

Can Hemp replace plastics? Plastic is bad. It’s clogging the oceans, killing fish, and, generally, making us all have a bad time. Numerous solutions to this global problem have been put in place, some are effective, while others are fairly […]
Spannabis 2019

Spannabis Kicks Off Today In Barcelona

The Biggest Cannabis Festival Starts Today! Spannabis is the biggest cannabis festival in the world, boasting over 30,000 attendees every year. People flock from over 30 countries across the world. The event itself is seen as the most important event […]
CBD Laws in the UK

CBD Breaks New Ground in the UK With Landmark Event

CBD in the UK Continues to Grow Birmingham will host the UK’s very first Hemp and CBD Expo at the NEC this weekend (2nd & 3rd March) with organisers promising an informative and entertaining event. As well as a long […]
Katy Perry and CBD

CBD Oil is the Secret Health Weapon of These Celebs

CBD Has Some Very Famous Friends We’ve all heard of CBD placed under the tongue with CBD tincture form but can I let you in on a stylist’s secret? CBD lotion slathered on toes, bunions and calves can reportedly help […]
Starbucks CBD Infused Drinks

Starbucks, Coca Cola & Guinness to Launch Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Cannabis-Infused Drinks Anyone? “Skinny CBD latte with oatmeal milk,  please”, could be what average Joe will be ordering in the not so distant future in one of the big coffee chains, globally! Starbucks is potentially the first big chain to […]
The Best Places to Find CBD-Infused Food & Drink in London

The Best Places to Find CBD-Infused Food & Drink in London

Is London the new CBD Hub of Europe? Food trends are a vital part of society. They allow people to try out new and interesting flavours, they allow chefs to experiment with new and unusual ingredients, and they give social […]
What is CBD?

Beginners Guide to Everything CBD

Beginners Guide to CBD Oil You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard the hype surrounding CBD oil in the UK. It is making headlines in the news all over the world for its supposed […]
CBD Recipes - CBD Infused Eggs Benedict

CBD Recipes: CBD Infused Eggs Benedict

CBD Infused Eggs Benedict This CBD infused eggs benedict recipe will be the perfectly balanced and healthy start to your day. Not only can you effectively infuse CBD into it, you can provide yourself with all the essential nutrients that […]